1. WTF.BRO?

    Who is Owner Of Yobit?

    I scammed on yobit, I want to make it LAW, I need to know Who is Owner Of this site. I found this Information: So can I say owner of yobit is Pavel Krymov? why Russia government not gonna shut down yobit?
  2. savax

    Earn 4K$ Per Day With LIZA Coin

    Ok guys This Coin is one of the best Altcoin for Investing: I earned 4k$ only in 3 days so: First let me I show you the last 24H chart of this coin : As you can see there are lot of pump on this coin: When I bought this coin price was 1.2$, 2$ , 2.5$ I remember, and I sold about 3$: If you...