yelp elite

  1. M

    Looking for YELP reviews + ELITEYELP that STICK LONGTERM in USA

    Looking for Yelp reviews with a Stick guarantee, Also Looking for Yelp Reviews from Elite Members, i need the following cities - Oregon - Portland Denver - Colardo Austin - Texas Houston - Texas Accounts Must be Local to the city + Aged. Would also love it if someone know's someone with...
  2. P

    Looking to buy Yelp Reviews (Regular and Elite) in the Alaska area. Must have aged accounts.

    Looking to buy Yelp Reviews (Regular and Elite) in the Alaska area. Must have aged accounts. Send pm here.
  3. P

    Looking to buy Yelp Reviews (Regular and Elite) in the Alaska area. Must have aged accounts.

    Looking to buy Yelp Reviews (Regular and Elite) in the Alaska area. Must have aged accounts. Send pm here.
  4. OaklandSwift

    Looking for local Yelp/Yelp Elite reviewers, regular basis

    I'm looking for local Yelp/Yelp Elite reviews that stick in the following cities: - SF and the whole Bay Area - LA, San Diego - NYC - Chicago - Austin & Washington We have a bunch of home services-related pages (handyman, tv mounting etc). Willing to pay after 14 days of the review staying...
  5. 5punk

    Need Yelp reviews for South California

    Hello, I'm looking for dripped Yelp reviews (3 per week) for a local business from aged accounts, geo IP should be South California. Reviews MUST stick and replacement guarantee must be provided. Looking for a long term relationship. Google reviews are secondary but please do provide...
  6. cr3ativethinking

    Yelp Elite Reviews Needed

    Hi everyone! i need some elite yelp account reviews, payment after post. $150 per review sounds reasonable.
  7. C

    NeedYelp Reviews/Yelp Elite Reviews?

    Who needs strong Yelp Reviews? I have 100+ Elite friends all over the states(U.S). And 500+ real yelpers ready! Only in the U.S please! I’ve helped over 150 businesses to this point! I may charge a premium but I’m really fast. Believe it or not many people who post that they have yelp reviews...
  8. G

    Need yelp reviews (California)

    If anyone is willing to write and/or post yelp reviews ( elite or normal) for a business page that sticks, i'm willing to pay. The yelp accounts has to be aged and located in California around the bay area.
  9. S

    Yelp & Google Reviews

    Looking for affordable Yelp (regular and elite) and Google reviews. Please PM offers.
  10. S

    Need yelp reviews US providers only

    Looking for yelp reviews, elite reviews etc. Profiles need to be active and have reviewed other businesses. Looking to buy bulk, 10+ reviews. Please PM me if you meet the conditions.
  11. A

    Looking for quality Yelp reviews (USA)

    Looking to see if someone can provide Yelp Elite reviews. Must be aged, using local IP's of where the account is registered, and will stick and not taken down. PM me with details, how many you can provide, and pricing. Thanks.
  12. A

    Looking for yelp reviews in california

    I'm looking for reviews that'll stick. Yelp has been taking down reviews left and right. Looking for aged / elite accounts in southern california. Please pm me your prices and additional info. If things work out, will continue for the long run. Thanks
  13. focus10

    Need Yelp Reviews for California

    Hey BHW, I’m looking for a legit Yelp review provider. Ideally you have aged accounts in the states, more specifically California. The idea is to work with a solid provider that I can continually send business to. Thx!
  14. shadow5

    Aged Yelp Account Reviews (ELITE or OTHER)

    Hey all, I'm looking for help in increasing yelp presence, rating, etc... and MORE IMPORTANTLY - combating negative reviews from assholes on yelp for a friend of mine. Location: Los Angeles Send me a PM with capabilities, quotes, etc.. Thanks!
  15. V

    Yelp Normal / Elite Reviews Needed (US)

    I am looking for cost effective Yelp review providers. Preferably Elite Reviews if you can. Reviews should stick. Provide me a guarantee. Thank you!
  16. fxmanaged

    Yelp Elite Reviews Needed

    About a year ago, a competitor paid someone to leave a bunch of 1-star reviews for our local business on Yelp, Google and Facebook. We got Google to remove all of them and Yelp some, but even though they were all obviously fake reviews, they refused to remove some. So we went ahead and...
  17. K

    Looking to buy YELP Review

    Looking to buy 5 star Yelp reviews for a company in South Florida. Looking to pay 35$ per a review Please PM me
  18. I

    Any sell Yelp elite reviews? I need Yelp elite reviews

    As the title says, I am seeking Yelp elite reviews. Please pm me if you have access. I am willing to compensate $50.00 a review!
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