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  1. C

    NeedYelp Reviews/Yelp Elite Reviews?

    Who needs strong Yelp Reviews? I have 100+ Elite friends all over the states(U.S). And 500+ real yelpers ready! Only in the U.S please! I’ve helped over 150 businesses to this point! I may charge a premium but I’m really fast. Believe it or not many people who post that they have yelp reviews...
  2. J

    Buying yelp reviews

    hello i am sorta new to this website and i was wondering if there is a site i can go to that is trust worthy and legit which offers yelp reviews for a business , thanks in advance i'm in no rush
  3. mhtro

    300$ YELP Ads FREE!

    Just click the link below enter your email and go through the process! or (NOTE: Not an affiliate link at least that is what they said in the forum i found this) Don't know if this was posted before