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    Need help with paid scrapper

    Hello BHW members, I need a paid scrapper which will help me scrape business name, Email, website url, phone number from sites like manta and yellow pages. I have already purchased proxy rack and DBC etc for testing some of the trial scrappers but they are not working. Any help regarding this...

    [GET]Yellow Pages Scraper

    I'm sharing this Yellow Pages Scraper because it needs some work by somebody who can code.It runs fine,but does not save results to the supplied text file. Give it a run and see if you can get it working. Virus Total...
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    [Ask] I could scrape database, but how to make money from it?

    so, I was able to scrape the database from sample results can be seen in the picture. My question is how to make money from this database? at first, I think to sell these services, but I am just not sure how much will be paid for this kind of services. anyone have any ideas?
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