xvideos uploading

  1. Savvy Rose

    Xvideos trick to save your account

    Nowadays people are creating a new account and after 2-3 days they see this: - So people are getting pissed and trying new ways like to invest money in proxies and VPN but this is not the way to do it. If you really want to guard/save your account try to burn it for some time and then start...
  2. P

    Avoid Xvideos Copyrights with short videos works?

    Hey, if I upload short videos on xvideos will it be deleted due to copyrights? (short I mean 2-4 minutes)
  3. Mightynoor

    Why Xvideos keep blocking accounts?

    Why my all xvideos accounts are getting blocked? I didn't get any notification about the copyright and the waiting for legal documents. Suddenly All accounts are blocked in my area. This is not only me about 10-15 people are facing this problem. We tried changing the IP also but didn't work. We...
  4. Showdown

    Adult Journey 2018

    Hello Friends I am doing porn reuploading video. i am uploading video in xvideo. i just edit my domain in video title. i am redirecting my domain on chaturbate. but i dont get any conversion any one give me any suggestions. Per Day i get 50 to 60 click one my link. Total Video In my Xvideo...
  5. K

    upload edit and download on xvideo

    You have to add my domain name as watermark on video And remove others watermark You have to create 4 account. In xvideos On first day you have to upload 20 videos on 2 account and on next day 20 videos on rest 2 account. On next day 20 videos on 2 account that you have uploaded on first day...
  6. Aadarsh

    Need porn uploader and editor

    I'm Happy with the two worker's on this forum it's time to get the third one. Work. Download daily 10 video's from specified sources Edited Daily 10 videos. Upload edited videos with specified videos. Question's or FAQ 1.How much will I be paid? Ans-35$ for every 350 video's you upload. 2.Where...
  7. Pruvia

    Porn re-uploading - uploading to other sites as well as xvideos

    Is it worth the time uploading to other porn sites as well as xvideos? Other popular sites like Pornhub, redtube, xhamster, youporn, etc, are all so strict when it comes to watermarks and domains in the titles, and they'll ban you. Does anyone upload to any other sites?
  8. Danny Crypto

    Xvideos getting stucked on 97 percent :/

    Uploading on xvideos and it's getting stucked on 97,98 and sometime even on 99 and it's stucked like this. My IP is blocked and I'm using free vpn to interact with the upload page of xvideos. Anyone who had this issue can you provide me with some solutions ?