xvideos banned

  1. W

    Would like to seek advice on legal pending documentations on xvideos

    Hey, I'm kinda new and no shit idea what's going on and have open ticket support and there is no response from there yet, as someone reporter my content underage as the content is not, how should I proceed since I'm unable to dispute with valid documentation
  2. wirestyle

    Xvideos Video Views Stuck At 30?

    Is this a sign of a shadow ban? I'm not sure if this question may have already been answered. I've made 3 fresh accounts via 4g hotspot (2-3 day old accounts), each time reset so its a different ip per account. Changed user agent aswell and wiped metadata from files.
  3. T

    Porn uploading problem

    I created a new account xvideo but video is now being uploading there :( sorry for bad english
  4. S

    Not Cool Xvideos, Not cool..

    Just sharing a sad news:( My 1year old+ Xvideos account got banned today with over 200 videos, I uploaded all of them last week. It was hard work, to get 200+ videos edited and uploaded in one week. May both me and my account rest in peace for good.
  5. T

    help me - upload porn xvideos

    Sorry for not being good at English. I have been uploading videos to xvideos for a long time and have not had any problems with the proxy I used. Recently I noticed that xvideos have upgraded algorithms. My account is blocked when using a proxy. The cause of the ban is not due to video...
  6. Savvy Rose

    Xvideos trick to save your account

    Nowadays people are creating a new account and after 2-3 days they see this: - So people are getting pissed and trying new ways like to invest money in proxies and VPN but this is not the way to do it. If you really want to guard/save your account try to burn it for some time and then start...
  7. alice252293

    xvideos accounts banned - ip leak question

    I purchased one premium proxy from a guy here. I uploaded a few videos on tube sites but all got deleted But I did not know why. Today I checked the ip with whoer.net. It shows %40 anonymity. What does it means?