xrummer buy

  1. KJREDDY247@

    Anyone bought XEVIL??? I am Confused - XRUMMER + XEVIL Subscription Pricing details...

    I need xevil but all i can see the below pricing option So, it will be a single option like XRumer + XEvil + Hrefer + SocPlugin = 400$ for 5 installs + 10$ in addition every month is that 10$ mandatory on every month or only for the months that we want to use them? i mean can we stop using...
  2. G

    how to get Xrumer ? need your help pleas

    hii i am really new to this stuff , can any body here pleas guide me on how to get xrummer ? is there trial for this program ? do you really buy this software with 500$ ? can i get it FREE ? i really appreciate if any body help me with this issue thanks allot waiting your help
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