xrumer proxy

  1. olo555

    Xrumer autorefresh proxy problem

    Hi, i have problem with downloading proxy in xrumer its showing 0/0/0/0 i -turn off firewall -delete xproxy state bin -restart xrumer but it not download proxies from botmaster servers and my own adress Anybody have similar issue?
  2. seomonopolist

    Hrefer Proxy Problem

    Okay, just wanted to check with you guys to see if I have this set up right because Hrefer is only harvesting 22 anonymous proxies every time it checks. Okay so let me explain. Please correct me if I am wrong about anything. In the proxyc folder there is a list.txt file with urls like these...
  3. S

    Xrumer Proxy or VPN ?

    I just want to know , If i use VPN do i need to use proxy for xrumer ?