xrumer help

  1. zoomsixx

    Xrumer Question Can it create bulk Gmail accounts

    I'm curious if you can use Xrumer to generate bulk Gmail accounts? (without modules) If so can someone direct me on how to do so or show me where I can read about it? I'm not asking to be spoon fed but I've looked around everywhere for the directions, including the Xrumer help guide and the...
  2. D

    Need Help with Xrumer Installation

    Hello Friends, I bought Xrumer recently. I need some one to install it properly. Please contact me as soon as possible.
  3. dvno879

    Xrumer - Erase Results from Successful Links Gathered?

    When I finish xrumer and let it run for a few minutes, I got to the sucessful tab and click on it. I then get a bunch of links that it succeeded with posting right, but the links also have this attached next to them: Result: using proxy;success; Or this: Result...
  4. K

    Need Help : Xrumer giving error

    Hello all, I m facing a weird error when I start xrumer after authorization it says "Connection error, check your internet connection" after I click OK xrumer quits. I have to reinstall complete xrumer from scratch. And sometimes it does not even work after reinstall. Any suggestions or...
  5. oni3350

    Hrefer Giving Me The Sh#$s! Yes I Have Updated Engines.ini Too!!

    I just got Xrumer set up on my Dedi, and im having a hell of a time getting Hrefer to work, with Google and even other Search Engines also. Incase you missed it in the title, YES I HAVE ALREADY UPDATED MY ENGINES.INI FILE, it looks like this: [Google] Hostname=http://[GOOGLEHOST]...
  6. S

    [Xrumer Newbie] My first profile blast, I have some questions

    Hello everybody I am not english motherlanguage, but I hope you can understand what I write I just purchased xrumer + a vps 2 days ago. I did read the help file and many forums before starting, and yesterday I did my first profile blast on a 44k linkslist. Here are the settings of the...
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