xrumer 5.0 palladium

  1. sfidirectory

    Anyone still using xRumer 5 Palladium?

    Hi everyone, Am wondering if people out there are still using xRumer 5? I have managed to acquire a working copy and am wondering if anyone can share some xRumer 5 mods (I know sharing xRumer is against T.O.S but not sure if sharing mods are...)? I know xRumer 7 is alot better but until I am...
  2. oni3350

    Hrefer Giving Me The Sh#$s! Yes I Have Updated Engines.ini Too!!

    I just got Xrumer set up on my Dedi, and im having a hell of a time getting Hrefer to work, with Google and even other Search Engines also. Incase you missed it in the title, YES I HAVE ALREADY UPDATED MY ENGINES.INI FILE, it looks like this: [Google] Hostname=http://[GOOGLEHOST]...
  3. oni3350

    Will Xrumer Contiue To Work For SEO In 2010 And Beyond??

    Im seriously looking to invest in Xrumer, I have downloaded the Demo, been talking to a few owners of the software from BHW and talked to a guy from a dedicated server company which is pretty much set up just for Xrumer. For starters i am going to try my best at gaining direct traffic from...
  4. T

    Xrumer Licensing Question

    Hey I'm looking to buy xrumer this week and when registered on the site something stood out to me in the quick legal section: "..purchasing the software described in this site I commit myself to use it solely for personal needs and bar from proposing to the third persons. I acknowledge that...
  5. B

    Stressed Out with Xrumer service

    Hi everybody I want to buy xrumer from botmaster.com asap but they seem to have a lax attitude, man I have signed up to there site sent all the emails to them in the world added them to skype but no response jheeze! I mean seriously what does it take nowadays to buy a pieice of software...
  6. waylander

    New fresh Xrumer Forums Base

    here :tee:
  7. oni3350

    How Much Bandwidth Does Xrumer Use?

    Hey BHW. I live in Australia and over here the ISP suck, most of the ISP here only allow us a certain amount of downloads each month. I have 15GB on peak and 20BG off peak. So before buying Xrumer i need to work some stuff out. Im either going to have to upgrade my ISP package to a...
  8. X

    Is Xrumer The Answer

    Alot of people on here start multiple threads on xrumer asking if its cracked,if its good,can I do this,can I do that.....bla bla bla....The people asking this info have to ask themselves.....Do I have a good product?Is what i'm offering one of a kind?Will xrumer make me rich? Xrumer is a...
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