1. noellarkin

    Messenger of choice?

    For some reason, the instant messenger of choice for most people on this forum seems to be Skype....is there a reason for that? I would have expected a forum of blackhatters to use something a lot more niche, like XMPP (a classic), Matrix or Tox (which may or may not be used quite frequently by...
  2. megahrtz

    Riot home server with integrations to chat apps

    Hi, anyone here knows how to bridge chat applications such as slack, discord, signal, pidgin, imessage, etc to matrix / XMPP / Riot? I would love to hear from anyone who knows how.
  3. N

    GTalk/Chat addition to profile

    I suggest the addition of Google Chat instant messenger handles/nicknames to BHW profiles. It would be nice to have and will allow users to communicate better in real-time.
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