xml feed

  1. M

    Upload XML file with No host and no Domain

    I got an xml file and I want to upload it to the internet. I don't have however neither a hosting plan nor a domain. How to do it for free?
  2. barspiner

    Website Question - Parse Multiple XML To One Structure

    Hello guys, I have one question. We plan to make catalogue affiliate website with around 100 000 products. We have multiple XML files with different categories etc... Is there any way how to parse or categorized all XML to one structure or one category tree? Also 100k products is probably too...
  3. thomansfel

    eBay to shut down the eBay Commerce Network

    eBay will shut down the Commerce Network ad network on May 1st. Full article: https://techcrunch.com/2019/04/02/ebay-to-shut-down-the-ebay-commerce-network-its-third-party-ad-network-on-may-1/ I think this creates a huge gap in the industry, a lot of traffic that needs to be monetized will be...
  4. L

    Search feed for advertising

    Hello guys, Does somebody has search feeds and adverise them?
  5. V

    Best affiliate modules for Opencart

    Hi, I am looking for a best working affiliate modules for opencart 2.0, could you advice some? Looking for paid one and with proper support. Also I am looking for reliable data feed tool, which could export my listings to csv or xml. thank you!
  6. N

    Low-price comprehensive live sports data XML for developers

    You will not find more comprehensive global league and team coverage or lower pricing for XML Sports Data Feeds anywhere else on the web. TipGin XML Sports Data Feeds is the leader in providing developers with the world’s most comprehensive XML Sports Data at the lowest prices, and with access...
  7. B

    XML Feeds

    I have trouble inserting xml feeds into my wordpress website for advertising networks. And I don't understand how that works, I just insert xml feed and he somehow creates the ad for me, I don't understand, but they won't respond, they probably expect from me to know programming, but if you can...
  8. NosokOrg

    Split Xml by lines

    Hello to all. I have a regular task to split large xml files ( for example 580k lines ) to little files by 10k lines in each? Is any some script or solution to make it automatically ?
  9. M

    Do you sell IAS-safe traffic? We will buy it!

    We're looking for IAS-safe traffic, below 5% suspicious. Preferably CPC basis via XML feed. Large daily budgets, stable weekly payments. Bids up to $0.005 Got IAS traffic? Get in touch via Skype: michael_hamp
  10. A

    What is an XML feed traffic?

    Hi, Been rubbing by some inquiries regarding XML feed traffic. Can you help understand what is it and how could I get XML traffic? Thanks.
  11. Y

    paid search xml feeds

    Hey guys, Does anyone have experience applying for paid search xml feeds? Preferably tier one (Yahoo and Google). I appreciate any help. Cheers, YA.
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