1. A

    Investing on XLM Stellar

    hello guys should i invest 3000$ on XLM Stellar ? what you think guys will hit 0.50$ by end of 2020 ?
  2. The Doctor

    {For All Beginners}: Quick $36-$106 of Cryptocurrency By Watching Videos On Coinbase [Method]

    Just came across this great resource for those who might be starting out, needing a quick boost or maybe those who are bored and want a quick $36 - $106 of crypto. Coinbase now has a new part of their website where you earn cryptocurrency by watching short (Usually 2min) videos and answering 1...
  3. web_riches

    Just received 192.3076925 XLM ($24.36) for Setting up an Account, you can too!

    WOOT Free money from the internet~ Just got this amount! t took about 10 min to do. Here are the steps. Go to - https://www.blockchain (DOT) com/ (*this is a wallet for Crypto online and NO its not an affiliate link ) Register for a new account Verify your identity (I used my US driver's...
  4. Nourrono

    Retrieved 5000 Stellar Lumens. What do I do now?

    So, I read on the news that Stellar Lumens raised to nearly 1$. It reminded me that a couple of years ago I got about 5000 stellars from their giveaway, which I totally forgot about. So I searched my old emails, got my login information back. And after some update thing, now i have 5000 Stellar...