xenforo 2

  1. D

    XenForo NGINX Friendly URL Help

    Probably a long shot but I need some help... Just installed xenforo into a sub directory domain.com/forum/ on my site. Now I'm a little baffled as to how I get full friendly URLs working? I'm running centos + vesta cp + nginx. After doing some digging apparently I need to edit a NGINX config...
  2. Starblazer

    What themes & add-ons do I need to create a site like BHW?

    The basic xenforo installation gives an empty shell that looks like every other forum. What themes & add-ons are required to change appearance like BHW? I need a home page, both black & white themes, no paid membership and probably adsense ads.
  3. dreadpixel

    Anyone has coupons for XenForo?

    Hello everyone, just wondering if you have coupons for discount for XenForo. Would really appreciate it. Maybe the wrong Forum, but I really didn't know where to post it.
  4. harryptx

    Xenforo 2 Nested Comments?

    Can anyone tell me how to create nested comments like this forum ForumWeb.Hosting is using? For example, on their thread https://forumweb.hosting/13276-how-long-does-it-take-for-a-web-hosting-provider-to-reply-to-customers-tickets.html people can reply on a specify reply with comments (as...
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