1. seancoder

    XAMPP vs LAMP for Starters.

    Which one would you suggest for a newbie when starting out, XAMP or LAMP. I know there is the issue of low budget when starting out but I had much more luck and bumped into fewer issues with LAMP ? What would you suggest to a starter from your experience ?
  2. noellarkin

    Wordpress Desktop Workflow

    I just made a few test sites using XAMPP, locally. Its so much more convenient to test out plugins and themes on localhost. I was wondering if I can develop an entire website on XAMPP and then just upload it to Cpanel/DirectAdmin. I remember doing this for static HTML pages YEARS ago with FTP...
  3. F

    Looking for someone who can setup spoofed domain through xampp

    Im looking for an expert in the setup of a fake domain that could be visited outside lan on xampp server.
  4. Enoryht

    Need guidance and some mentoring

    Hello BHW! I have read a LOT from BHW about blogging and other different methods. But because of that, I am really confused about where to start and what to do. I heard and read it before, I think I have this shiny object syndrome. Okay, so I will tell in this thread how much I have, what do...
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