wwe copyright

  1. B

    A guy Uploaded WWE content still no copyright strike?

    Hi BHW, there is a youtuber named "Prabhat Sejwar" he has uploaded WWE video without getting any copyright strike. and this is 100% legit. if wanna see the tutorial watch here youtu.be/H7qGif1zzZU Here is the proof , he upload that wwe video on his other account and still no copyright...
  2. vicsb

    How people are getting monetization with WWE videos?

    Hello, I see many established channel who are posting lots of WWE videos everyday and they are monetized channel. WWE got his own channel and all their videos are copyrighted but still people are using their video to make money. Well, I know that you can change the video format, edit a bit...
  3. A

    How can I upload Full WWE Videos?

    I have been uploading edited wwe videos for 1 or 2 years. I have 168k subscribers and one of my channels with 136k subscribers got suspended 6 months ago. Besides that, everything was fine till past 2 months. They disabled my monetization. But I saw some channels...
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