1. Turbo B.

    [WTB] Looking for adult backlinks

    Looking for adult backlinks for a reasonable price (not $XXX per link). Budget per backlink: $10 - 20 (on adult site).
  2. EscobarsAngels

    WTD Real Targeted Telegram followers for my group

    I am looking for legit real targeted people for my specific niche on my telegram group, please dm me or reply to this post if you are interested.
  3. sapere_aude

    WTB Ticketmaster mass registration software

    Hello I'm looking for a software that can mass register ticketmaster accounts. Looking either for a software that is already up and running and able to do this or looking for someone who is able to develop this.
  4. blackhatbeavis

    WTB Verified TrustPilot Reviews

    Please give me a price for TrustPad reviews that stick! Thanks
  5. treehorngroup

    WTB French .ca backlinks

    Hi! I'm looking for french .ca backlinks. Hit me up :)
  6. Twistler

    Allow OP to Reply on WTB Posts Without Account Upgrade

    In the "Want To Buy" section, allow the OP to reply to their thread even if they don't have the Premium or Jr. VIP upgrade. This can be useful if the thread gets lost and needs a bump, or for the OP to let others know that they are still looking for offers. I know Premium and Jr. VIP needs...
  7. wantviews

    {WTB} A wordpress web designer to JUST answer my questions.

    Hey, i'm relatively new to web design, so i thought i could use someone who has experience with Wordpress websites building, hosting, etc. What i would need of u is to just answer to my topic related questions, and make it as digestible as you can. Requrements: 1.Good communication skills...
  8. T

    Looking for rotating residential proxies with unlimited bandwith

    Hello, my proxy provider just got blocked by my website (these were kinda crap proxy),since I'm using a lot of GB (around 100K daily) I need unlimited bandwith rotating proxies. If anyone has a good website for about 200$/month and 25 threads, hit me up !
  9. saulop

    exist a smm panel to provide service to like my latest posts without put the url?

    I need a smm panel that provides a service that likes my latest posts, or random photos (but giving priority to the most recent photos), I have many accounts, getting a photo link for each of them is hard to do...
  10. L

    Looking for promoting Service for giveaway on the german market.

    Hello Black Hat Community. I need a reliable Partner for promoting giveaways. My goal is to reach as many people from europe as possible and to get them to sign up on a webpage. To partizipate in this giveaway people need any Kind of social Media Plattform. This is an reaccuring gig over the...
  11. B

    Looking for streaming information

    Can anyone point me in a direction for a good automation software for streaming on pandora or Apple Music? I bought AIOStream months ago and it has yet to work properly what a joke! It’s not compatible with any proxies no matter where and what kind you buy and that’s all the “tech support”...
  12. Haksxsx`

    [WTB] Looking for Escorts Niche related Backlinks in UK

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for backlinks for an Escort service. Targeted Location is the UK Need around 10 Links at least and more in future. Please contact me if you can offer such a service. Send PM here Thanks
  13. X

    Need aged google gmail accs

    Wtb lfg
  14. cybersith

    VA Needed To Make Facebook Ads (simple)

    Need a VA to make some facebook ads for me can show you examples as well takes like 15 mins to make like 10 images in canva. i will just give you the niche and you make the pics Skype: live:.cid.dbc2ea2d2319c273
  15. G

    WTB | Sticky Google reviews from Western Europe

    Hello, I am looking for sticky Google reviews from European Countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Netherland, France, .... - reviews for different GMB Locations - I will provide text for reviews - to test your service, about 10 reviews per day needed for different locations - after...
  16. Anurudh

    WTB - Amazon Verified Star Ratings

    I am looking to buy Amazon US Verified star ratings and willing to pay $5 plus product cost
  17. M

    (WTB) Yahoo PVA Accounts

    Hey, I´m searching for Yahoo PVA Accounts with Web login, IMAP and POP3 enabled. But just PM me if you got 1000 Accounts for under 70$. Regards
  18. MrDenz

    WTB - HAF & New Accounts

    My opinion: WTB and HAF shouldn't be open for newly created accounts. Most of them (new fresh accounts) are just looking to boost whatever they try to promote, it's either "potential scam" or "let me try it, I don't have nothing to lose, I can just gain something" etc. Suggestion: WTB &...
  19. kiks

    [WTB] Rip me a website easy.

    Hello, I need someone skillful that can rip of a website for me , I need US People based because they use cloaker so VPN will not work. I will pay 10$ fixed price or more if it requires work. Thank you.
  20. jagreen78

    Looking for specific twitter help

    I have a few accounts attacking me on twitter, I assume they are bots are someone is controlling them all simultaneously. Looking for someone that can get these accounts banned. Will pay. 4 accounts total, should be easy if you know what you're doing
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