writing article

  1. michaelshezzer

    Got A Story?? Unusual/Interesting Webinars???!!

    Hello Everyone, Long Time NO Speak!!! It has been ages since I have been on this forum and how it has changed since 2011 :D:D:D:D Must be a sign of getting old lol... Ok! Straight to the pointy end!!! I am writing an article about webinars... :eek::eek::eek::eek: I have gone a bit cliche...
  2. virtualbyron


  3. chillerfx

    Article Writing/Re-writing / Directory Submission / Blog post/ Spinning

    Hii.. Need to write contents? you can reach me.. All the works will be unique. Cheers, Chillerfx
  4. spasovski

    Need quality content for a decent price ? click here.

    Hi, I've been around for some time here. First I wanna say this is not a BST thread and this wont last long. If this is strictly not allowed, mods can delete it. So, I have some urgent bills I need to pay and I need some quick cash. I don't create content for anyone else but myself...
  5. S


    Dear writers, I have just registered with 4writers. Unfortunately I saw many scam reports but they are not very straight forward. I need someone to tell me if this website is real. Your advise will be appreciated.
  6. R

    I pay you $25 for 1800 words about anxiety/depression !!!

    - Hi everyone, I pay you $25 to write a 1800 words article about "How to Overcome Depression". You can RE-write anything you want by taking existing content ONLY : ---> if the article makes very good sense and is totally related to ""How to Overcome Depression" "How to get rid of...
  7. ibmethatswhoib

    Need Article Writers and Spinners

    I'm looking for reliable article writers. You must be able to write 100% original articles, no copies I will check copyscape and others like it. I may give you all different subjects, so you will have to be able to research a little bit. I'm easy to work with but I will most likely need the...
  8. A

    Looking for work-writing articles

    Just got into college, trying to make some money, have written articles for blogs websites before, done some rewrites.. just looking for some quick cash. Prices negotiable.. Pm me or post in this thread.
  9. M

    need some advice in articles writing

    hi guys..im a noob and totally broke..so please let me lent some $$$..kidding lol.. after read lots of thread in BHW, it time for me to move on doing something besides just reading let my head full of overload info. but i need some $$$ to start on..to get some $$$ i decides to do article...
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