1. C

    WP robot 4.0.3 elite [nulled]

    MOD EDIT: WP Robot was created by one of our members and it is on our "Do not Share" list. You need to check that list before sharing ANYTHING! Infraction issued! "Wiz"
  2. P

    WP Robot help please!

    Hi All, Sorry may be a bit of a noob question but im a little stuck on what to do next. I have a blog that I'm currently using WP-Robot on and seeing some instant traffic results but I'm not sure how I can tweak the blog to my desired keyword. I'm currently letting the blog do its thing on...
  3. chamal

    WP-Robot Plugin

    can some one give a link to download free premium wp-robot plugin ? :)
  4. skywalker55

    What settings do you recommend for htaccess and robot.txt files to camoflage WP-robot

    I cant ignore the constant output from google about clamping down on automatically generated content. They mentioned it again on their adsense email update today. So with that in mind I wondered if some of the Wp-Robot pros's would mind sharing there strategies for camoflaging WP-robots...
  5. T

    Brand new website or renovate an old one?

    Hi guys, I have a less than a year old autoblog powered by wp-robot selling products amazon products I tried to turn it into a semi-online(I used the word semi because I'm basically advertising products from amazon store) store but I couldn't really find a theme that made it look like a...
  6. S

    Autoblog plugins and rewrite content

    Hi, what pluging of autobloggin (wp-robot, autoblogged, wp-o-matic, etc) has option for rewrite content and randomize? If no, what i should use for rewrite autoposts? I want that when find keyword ABCDEF rewrite it with GHIJKL or MNOPQ or RSTVW keywords, randomize the keyword Thanks
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