1. Alma

    spam doesn't work, jk $1.6M

    If the owner is here, good fucking job :)
  2. W

    Cost Effective Negative SEO?

    So I have been blasted with Neg. SEO links for the past year and after a partial Penguin hit I'm done just patiently disavowing and trying to be a nice guy. What is the most cost effective way of blasting 4 to 7 Competitors with 10k-100k spammy links / month for the next year? I hear Fiverr...
  3. T

    Link Building Hoax>!?!

    For the people that think Link Building doesn't work... (A lot have been telling me) (A case study was done and there are facts given by Google listed here) - We're all trying to play the Google game and one of the key factors in it is LINKS. The amount of links directing to your site is...
  4. krisnnn

    bookmarking ips help

    Hello warriors I was wondering if google can detect if the same IP adres is submitting l i n k s to bookmarking sites? have to create accounts in bookmarks??? is useful use SocialPoster or social Marker with own accounts???? Please leave suggestions!
  5. X

    Seeking Job

    Hi, i had running a 5 systems and doing online works, like online works, Now we are not having any works now we are doing simple signup process only, can any one help us with a good works we are here to accept it gladly. Waiting for your reply,.
  6. H

    Read wks File In Excel Starter 2010

    A friend has sent me a MSworks spreadsheet in wks format and I have searched everywhere to find a way to read it in my Excel Starter 2010. I do not have MSWorks on here, I have tried opening it in OpenOffice Calc but that does not seem to work. Will anyone help please?