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  1. thesyndicate

    If I have 20 WP domains and I want basically the same Plugin and Theme on them what is the best way to do?

    If I have 20 domains and I want basically the same Plugin and Theme on them what is the best way to do? Make one and copy them with what plug in? Many of the plug in need a Key.
  2. noellarkin

    Wordpress Site Homepage Downloading PHP File Instead Of Showing Page

    This has been happening for a day now. Can't think of any reason, since I haven't touched this site in two days. The home page of the site keeps redirecting to a file download. All other pages work just fine. I've checked HTACCESS and there's nothing out of the ordinary. PHP versions in...
  3. R


    I'm building a website based on best nutritions, what plugin is best for this? And any suggestions or idea I'd really appreciate it. =)
  4. Gebb

    Wordpress plugins for multiple category-specific newsletters

    Title probably isn't clear - what I'm searching it's a plugin for opt-in and for letting users sign in to newsletters, but letting them sign in also to a specific category - let's say a website is divided into programming and web design, I make a taxonomy with programming category and web design...
  5. PinnerMe

    Pinner.me | Convert all your WordPress posts to attractive Pins on Pinterest with one click and drive more traffic.

    FAQ Q. Do you provide trial membership? A. Yes, we provide a trial membership for 7 days. Q. How many Pins that can I generate with my membership? A. We have a monthly limit on each membership, but you can upgrade at any time you want. Q. How many websites can I use with Pinner? A. We made...
  6. cosmo89

    What's Your Favourite WordPress Plugins in 2020?

    I know most of us in this community depend on WordPress for websites and blogs, and we use number of plugins to give a best look and feel to the readers. With my past 5 years in this industry, use some favourite plugins that i love and use it for every site i build for clients and for my own...
  7. KJREDDY247@

    Help :Any wordpress expert help me here..

    I am trying to add a specific page in WordPress site It should be like this with those multiple tabs on top with those multiple tabs and add tables like below and a 3d image section Can someone suggest to me through which plugin or theme builder I can do this easily? I saw some plugin...