1. IamNRE

    Where my Latvians at?

    20 - 0.... yikes. https://c.tenor.com/jvoRNi9zOWQAAAAC/marge-simpson-the-simpsons.gif
  2. S

    Can you hit like this? lol

  3. B

    IG Women's Niche

    Hi guys, which womens niches are the best to start? My end goal is to open womens clothing store. Would you say that womens fashion is the best one?
  4. lappez46

    FB page, Women (25-55)

    Hi, have a Facebook page with (2 840 348) followers and growing. + High engagement. It's a viral news site, with article, videos & pics (some videos earning 10-70$ with adbreaks) 62% Women (25-55) 38% Men (20-35) Any good ideas how to monetize? Were to look for shoutout/page/product post...
  5. A

    Marketing porn to women through instagram

    Hi guys I'm trying to sell a pornsite to women. What kind of marketing strategy should i use with instagram to get these people to become long term signups of my pornsite? I was thinking of branding it as couplegoals and lifestyle/fitness content (because women like that) at first then doing...
  6. A

    Help with growing a male vanity account

    Hey guys, I recently got a request from a client who's a 22 year old male who's trying to make a vanity account of him. Its a vanity project. He wanted to gather a following of women from Eastern and Central Europe. The thing is, I took the job but don't know how to market this. Should I grow...
  7. A

    Marketing to eastern european women

    Hello. I've looked around here and I'm looking for some advice on marketing to women from eastern european places. Places like russia or romania or italy. I have a product that could be sold to them that just needs exposure. Ideas I have so far: Get a few ig accounts, make them fashion themed...
  8. J

    Girls Rating Thread?

    Note: Don't know if this is allowed, but I'd thought it be a fun idea for a thread to post, NON-NUDE NON-SEXUAL girls photos, and everyone replies with a rating of 1-10, 1 being the worst and well you know how it goes ;) Anyway rate girl in my profile picture. I'd say she is a 8/10
  9. colonel tigh

    Shopify Setup - With An Eye For Girl's Fashion

    As per title. Please PM me for email address. Skype call to follow. I'm more interested in the female point of view on fashion shop setup than SEO which I have covered. No timewasters. Hard work for good pay. All nationalities welcome, as long as have semi decent English. Thanks.
  10. R

    Want to sell my website

    I am running a website that is about women clothing and their accessories and it almost earns $560 a month. If I want to sell it what would be the best rate? And also where to find the most appropriate website buyers?
  11. merlox

    Handsome guy from spain joining the best community in the world

    Hi people! I'm a 21 years old Spanish guy who has a huge love for business because they are the way to Money! I'm a black-belt karate teacher, videogame lover, hard worker, and drone fanatic. On one hand I study architecture in Granada and everyday I become a better version of myself. On the...
  12. A

    Women's clothing dropshipping

    I am opening an online store with a friend for celebrity dresses. We are currently using the Dropshipper Faya8 They have turned out to be great for the job so far. However, there is another option(Doba) we can switch to that was suggested by another friend. I was wondering if anyone else also...
  13. Matano

    Solo Ads - Women

    I need solo ads targeted at women.
  14. deedee1whoa

    Weird Chris Evans lady fan on FB - Smiling.

    I was reading some comments on his FB fan-page & stumbled upon one weird ass text. Smiling. Then went on to the posters' profile... Delusional? https://www.facebook.com/jordana.jackson2 Or just old? Smiling. Tried to find out if it's a gradma or someone, there are a few pics that show a...
  15. T

    Twitter for female sports fans? :)

    Yes I'm a female and I'm trying to start a sports blog lol but I was hoping some of you could give me some advice on how to promote it or better yet where to promote. I'm on Twitter and I read somewhere about Twitter Bots but is that a good idea since I wouldn't really get "real followers" that...
  16. bushinonasake

    Beautiful Filipina Women

    As a little thank you to this wonderful community. I will be posting several pictures of Beautiful Women from the Philippines. These are all celebrities from the Philippines. And no, none of them are porn stars. Though so of them, you'd wish we're pornstars. :p To start of let me post...
  17. S

    Do you think that the cats are the women’s best friends?

    My sister never liked cats in the past, as she thought they were useless. But, recently she bought 3 cats. This change in her mind happened after reading the online article: the glory of the cat ? adidarwinian She is now a fan of the cats, adores them, and cats are her best friends. I too love...
  18. veheme

    Who Is More Beautiful?

    Hi guys, if you have the time, kindly vote below your pick for the most beautiful woman in the selection. GUYS, no obscene comments please. Vote for your favorite candidate and help her win the Netizen's Choice Award! The highest number of votes will win the award on coronation night. Only a...
  19. OgSneakyPimp

    where are the real hot-sexy-lady websites at??

    ok sorry if the thread was misleading "in your little dirty perverted mind haha :-) " but i am buidling some niche blogs that are in extreme need of pictures of women. but they have to be hot women. And not stock photos.. I remember 1 year ago i found a site (on bhw i believe) that really hot...
  20. U

    looking for a dropshipper

    im lookin for a dropshipper with women products, bout to start a women online store, looking for: high heels (evening, club, brands like qupid, Anne Michelle Caliente, Bamboo, Bertinni, ect) dresses (clubs, evening, mini, cocktail) accessories like handbags, jewelery, sunglasses mac make-up...
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