1. Shubhankar Paranjape

    Have you ever been made fun of for your choices in life?

    Have you ever been made fun of for your choices in life? Maybe making videos online, maybe dropshipping, or posting about your life or that you work from your pajamas or sweatpants in your house. Or your career choice others just don't get- because all of them have jobs and they looked down...
  2. O

    Become A Winner

    Firstly it s about online games do not expect a scientific article just try to get some info and get some fun :) In online games first you need to do is observing your opponent (doesnt matter PvP or PvE) doesnt matter what type of or how hard it is everybody or software got a style of play when...
  3. Parker2010

    Re. Congratulations France

    Congratulations France for winning FIFA World Cup Final 2018 You made the History !!!!!
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