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  1. rankpowerhouse

    [GUIDE] Very Simple and Easy Way to Get Backlinks From Wikipedia

    here's my Wikipedia tip... Use a site crawler and give it a load of wikipedia pages that are relevant to your target site. Run the scans. Part of the report will include a list of broken links; citations that were once approved but have now fallen offline. Go to the Wayback Machine and find...
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    Let’s make your SEO via the popular and recognized Wikipedia backlinks source known! Wikipedia is one of the popular site. Because of this, a backlink from Wikipedia is sought after giving your brand credibility and recognition. What Will You Get? Genuine Wikipedia Backlinks. Placement by Our...
  7. Freshmorning

    Need Wikipedia link maker

    Hello, I need someone old and wise to knows how Wikipedia works and can help me out with few things There are ongoing works and he can take care of it Thanks
  8. S

    Anyone Know How to Get Backlink from Wikipedia Permanent

    hey guys if Anyone Know How to Get Backlink from Wikipedia Permanent then kindly please share with me Thanks in advance
  9. W

    Free Wikipedia backlink for first 5 people

    Learned so much from this forum Now it is time to giveaway. Comment on this thread and I will pm you. Only for first 5 people

    [Giveaway] Wikipedia Niche Related Backlink

    Hello friends, I am back with another giveaway. This time I will give niche related (if possible) backlink from Wikipedia for your website. You may know Wikipedia backlink is nofollow, but it will help you a lot to rank. I have so many keywords ranked on the first page of SERP using 1/2...
  11. Jeremy96x

    When you (try to) create wiki link for clients, which is better?

    1. Editing from a single wikipedia account (for all clients) with lots of previous edits and generally helpful wiki behavior. OR 2. Making a new account, clean a few things here and there, possibly adding content (unlikely) and then adding a link. Assuming in both cases the link is relevant...
  12. starseo78

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  13. Kimray

    How can I build Wikipedia page??

    can you help me to build Wikipedia page?
  14. B

    Build FREE Wikipedia Backlink

    1. Create sub domain on the same domain where you want your backlink to land. (no matter if your domain is full BH or whatever, just do it) 2. Put any template you wish for your sub domain and then just cover it with the next: - Find few relevant articles, and just copy part of each, with...
  15. RealDaddy

    [Method] How to get backlink from Wikipedia?

    Hello BHW, I am back with "How to get backlink from Wikipedia?" IT'S A NOFOLLOW BACKLINK Go here - And click "English" Now click "create account" Complete all the information required. And verify your email address. You will see this page:- Now open a...
  16. M

    Can you create me a Wikipedia Page?

    I am looking for someone that can create a Wikipedia page and make it stick. I would like the page to be about me as a business owner and also include links to the businesses I own. I can write most of the content and modify it as needed to get it accepted. If the price is reasonable and the...
  17. M4XW3LL

    [HOW TO] Build Wikipedia Links 2.0

    A few years ago, I made this thread on how to build Wikipedia links. The method still works, but there's a new opportunity for building Wikipedia links. I have to mention that links built using the old method apart from the authority, are also are getting 100+ referral visits a day from...
  18. C

    Wikipedia Link help

    I heard lots of people getting links from wikipedia media pages descriptions (ex: And found lots of sellers sell these links for cheaper price. Why is this links are cheaper? Is it not good as the dead links strategy from wikipedia?
  19. tysb83

    Wikipedia Professionals Wanted

    Hi All, I am looking for Wikipedia Editor to add citation (my target URL) on Wikipedia related content. Please PM me your quote. Thanks.
  20. skeye

    FREE list of 2,600 broken Wikipedia links

    Hey gang. I was working on a project and have some leftovers. If you planned to do some Wiki link building this might help you. LINK to Google Sheets