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    Wikipedia Organization Page Needed | Looking for the Authoritative Wiki Users

    Hello there! Our organization page has been removed from Wikipedia by some guy and needs to be published again. I'm looking for the validators or just authoritative users to submit our organization listing there from your profile. The project has been in the market for more than 7 years and has...
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    Xrumer vs. GSA

    Hello, I am currently using GSA to help me index T2, T3 backlinks. I am looking to purchase Xrumer, but not to sold about it yet. Xrumer would help me with the same objective, indexing. But, I think GSA is doing the same thing anyways, when choosing Wiki and Profile platforms, either scraping or...
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    wiki backlinks

    found an interesting video on youtube about how to gain wikipedia backlinks...using a redirect with text.. now wondering of how many links per day can be added in order not to get blacklisted???
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    Tutorial to get backlinks from Wikipedia

    Everyone loves a backlink from Wikipedia. Here is a tutorial that has worked for me. Let me know your thoughts
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  11. M

    How does Wiki backlinks affect a site after the new update?

    Hello everyone, I just paid someone on fiverr to create 1000 wiki links to my site. With the new update and all, would that look spammy? Would it help my site rank higher? Any other information would be greatly appreciated. I'm sorry I know I can find this out on Google but I have to run to...
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    Wiki Backlinks automation

    Are you using any softwares to build backlinks from wiki sites ? Which one will be best ? any free ones ?
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    Backlinks on 200 Unique WIKI Domains

    Please provide me Backlinks on 200 Unique WIKI Domains? :) Thank you all to correct me and saving frm big boom... he he
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