1. K

    Wife wanna play those games

    :confused::("I recently quit my job. My wife was very supportive until after i quit the job. Since i quit my job, This crazy lady has been power trippin! Things she normally wouldnt get mad about..Now shes mad smh. She looks for reasons to scream and hollar at me. Im a pretty chill dude. But...
  2. C

    Turn your Wife into your Mistress - an e-book

    Hi guys Hope this is posted in the correct forum! Great info on your site and after reading it, it actually got me to create an e-book called Wife 2 Mistress - A definitive Guide to turning your wife into your mistress. I created it as there are MILLIONS of guys out there being unfaithful...
  3. ytterium

    Got My First Child!

    Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share good news...I and my wife got out first child last week...baby boy....I'm still in cloud nine with joy but still a lot of work to go through for the first few weeks as we are keeping up with the baby's schedule....man! I didn't know how baby could bring this...
  4. G

    New Kid on the Block (Chatsworth, CA)

    Hello people, I'm Sherman from Chatsworth CA. Glad to be here and check out the place. I have a lot to share but Ill wait for awhile to get to know a few of the members first. I have a wife and two kids, three little dogs and a busy life! I sell online and offline. I love to learn...
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