1. serpnames

    Bulk Whois/Age Checker? Millions of domains

    Hi, I'm looking for a source where I can get the domain age of millions of domains. I am aware of this service: https://apilayer.com/marketplace/whois-api However, their support is terrible. It's been one month, and they haven't been helpful in setting up a custom plan. Do you know of any...
  2. S

    Am looking for a list of 1M Whois sites for ScrapeBox

    I have tried searching for the list online using "whois sit list .zip" and I haven't found any. I'm looking for a list of 1 million whois sites.
  3. T

    Whois, DNS records and email verification

    Hello there! Are there people here that use paid services for bulk checking of domain whois records and email verification? I want to ask do you face any problems and want to get something new? I am currently building a mass verification service but just wanted to hear what services the others...
  4. Casper_T

    Any API recommendations for new domain registrations list?

    Hello there, I am building a project which requires to gather new daily domain registrations. Has anyone used some WHOIS API which supports such querying and which you could recommend? I would need as rich as possible set of TLDs (especially .io) It could be paid aswell. P.S. Rich API...
  5. C

    How to judge the worth of one domain site?

    Recently, I find one domain (da 40) and use archive to view the history, but it only indexed around 3-5 times every year. In my opinion, it should be indexed many pages and many times. I wonder why this happened. Is it normal for such high domain authority site? And what data could help me judge...
  6. M

    How to delete outdated whois?

    How to delete outdated WHOIS details? Since there are so many record sites which dont update it automatically.
  7. Askarovpro

    [method] Easy method for finding the decision makers name

    Today you'll learn how to easily find the business owners name if you are calling 25 seat and under enterprises. You can think of this method for getting the decision makers name is really easy and comes in useful when Linkedin and a Google search fails you. Every site has whois information...
  8. S

    Is it Possible The Owner of adult tube site can be found

    For Example: owner is Using Cloudflare and Using Whois.net For Hosting and Domain Privacy to Hide Ip Now Let me know is it possible to that owner of this tube site can be found and he can be traced
  9. mattewre

    PRQ.se transfer domain away

    I'm experiencing problem / not collaboration by the customer service in moving away a .com domain from PRQ.se anonymous registration. I don't need they anonymous registration anymore and I would like to expose real owner whois and ask to remove the clienttransferprohibited status in order to...
  10. S

    How Do They Hide Domain's Owner Info Like This?

    How anyone hides all domain info like this?
  11. remi3297

    2 Questions : Lf a way to do bulk whois lookups / Lf rotating proxies by countries

    Hello! I have 2 questions : Do you know a good tool to do bulk whois lookups? I have several hundreds domains to check, (no more than a thousand tho) and could only find a tool for the .com domains (I mean for free). All I need from the whois lookup is the current status of the domains...
  12. Wilson Grant Fisk

    Internet overseer ICANN loses a THIRD time in Whois GDPR legal war

    US org told by German court its delusional claims in privacy rules battle are not credible Worth a read: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/08/07/icann_whois_gdpr/
  13. TeslaFan

    New domain registrations - how to find?

    I know when I register a new domain I get in the mail letters for services. I would like to find a list or some site where I can search new domains and offer them services. I'm sure there is a way but I don't know how. Do you know of a tool and are willing to share? Thanks. TeslaFan (the...
  14. OasisMade

    WhoIsGuard Bypass?

    Hello everybody, Is there a way to identify a website which have the WhoIsGuard "namecheap" ? I see that more and more people are able to find people anywhere. That's why i wondered if, in 2017, is there available options to identify a website author? If you have some solutions, please tell...
  15. samcram

    [BETA TESTERS] Bulk checker - Google, Majestic, MOZ, SimilarWeb, Alexa, Whois, Archive.org etc.

    I present online service for mass analysis of a large number of URLs on various parameters - https://digimetr.com The service is ready for 95% and will soon be ready for 100%. So I'm looking for beta testers. Functions: Mass data analyze (Google, Majestic, MOZ, SimilarWeb, SemRush, Alexa...
  16. M

    Looking for WHOIS Abuse domains/adresses to avoir before a shoot

    Hi everyone, I'm searching a list of WHOIS protected / abuse adress (or domain). I'm gonna send an email whois campaign and i want to be sure to skip the more abuse or spam adresses. For example, i have right now : [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]...
  17. K

    Hiding Data in Whois

    Hey Guys! Is it possible to hide registar in whois? I am thinking about video streaming site and I want to be protected against DMCA complainers.
  18. OutOfContext

    How to set fake WHOIS in GoDaddy Auctions?

    So I bought a domain from GoDaddy auctions. I was already logged in with my normal account. During the checkout, there was no way to specify WHOIS contact information, only billing information. The billing information form was prefilled with my real info, which would've been used as the public...
  19. W

    how to get newly registered domain details

    Hi, I am looking to start new website designing and development business. I want to ask a question if it is possible to get the list of newly registered domain with following details: #name , email, phone no, domain name, area, country. And search criteria : #search on specific country...
  20. avi619

    .NET at $1.88! Flash sale on whois.com

    Grab .NET at $1.88 Cheers!
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