whois scraper

  1. Kishore123

    How to retreive godaddy registered domains from whois scraper

    .Hi guys, I am using whois scraper from scrapebox tool. I am looking to retrieve godaddy registered domains that are scrapped by the scraper. Kindly help me sort this issue. Many thanks!
  2. N

    Whois scraper

    Greetings, Can anyone recommend a Whois scraper that really works? Most I've tried just fail... I just need to get the emails of dozen or two of domains at the same time, not hundreds... using proxies is not an issue. Thank you!
  3. D

    whois scraper/harvester (?)

    I've been looking for a good whois scraper/harvester. For a start, I need something that can check 10k specific domains w/o getting blocked every 8-15 records. Or at least can change its ip address after every 5-10 records pulled. hidemyass.c0m/vpn/ can change my ip every xx minutes...
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