whiteboard video

  1. BradyX

    Can anyone recommend me a good software for creating whiteboard videos?

    Hello I am looking to provide freelance services in whiteboard videos. There are lots of tools available online so I wish to know if there are any recommendations from expert whiteboard video creators. Also how much time does it normally take to create a 1 min whiteboard video? Do these tools...
  2. B

    Let's make a video from your article

    Hello Everyone, I will be starting a service of making a 2D animated video or a whiteboard video from articles and this is a freebie to find out how many will be interested and how much can I satisfy users So LET'S start and don't forget to send a PM. What I need from you? Give me your article...
  3. B

    Free Custom Whiteboard Videos

    Hello Everyone, I am giving away free simple custom whiteboard videos of 10 - 25 seconds max combined with some nice text animation if needed or combined with some 2D animated scenes if it can be done within 10-25 seconds but this is not compulsory. The total videos I will be giving away...
  4. T

    (Happy New Year 2015 Giveaway) FREE WHITEBOARD ANIMATION VIDEO for 3 BHW Members

    Hey BHW Members , Happy New Year . I wanna provide FREE WHITEBOARD ANIMATION VIDEO for 3 BHW Members as a New Year Gift from my IT Service ( http://www.executiveitsolution.com) . Only 3 members will be selected for this GIVEAWAY . Requirements : *** Why do you need a WHITEBOARD ANIMATION...
  5. soroco

    free whiteboard animations

    This is my humble attempt to give something back to the bhw community.I will be happy to make video's up to 2 mins long.Just give me your script /storyline,and images or logo if required.I will put your voiceover in if you supply one.