whiteboard animation

  1. B17zr

    YouTube Cash Cow in 2021

    Hi there For the past 3 months, me and a friend of mine been looking for a way to get to that Youtube monetization requirement FAST so, now i have this LEGAL method that i can get to those youtube requirements as possible for monetization Tease: My question: Are those whiteboard explainer...
  2. Animation_Videos

    ⭐ Amazing Animated Explainer Videos For Your Projects! ⭐

    We are Expily! - A team dedicated in creating awesome 2D, Whiteboard and Blackboard Animated Explainer Videos for any of your projects. With years of experience in making videos for our clients, we can assure you get the top notch service! Our plans and pricings: Basic ($25) 10-20 seconds...
  3. BradyX

    Can anyone recommend me a good software for creating whiteboard videos?

    Hello I am looking to provide freelance services in whiteboard videos. There are lots of tools available online so I wish to know if there are any recommendations from expert whiteboard video creators. Also how much time does it normally take to create a 1 min whiteboard video? Do these tools...
  4. Animation_Videos

    ★★ 2D Animated Explainer Videos ★★ Whiteboard Animations ★★ Blackboard Animations - Get Yours Now!

    It is a well known fact that in compared to normal videos, animated videos can boost up the engagement rate by a huge amount. People tend to enjoy watching animated videos than the normal ones, therefore if your videos about business, contents or any projects are animated, they perform far...
  5. Beerioz

    Can you monitize your own content whiteboard animation video channel in YouTube?

    Anyone tried? Would you able to monitize whiteboard animation videos in YouTube?
  6. Aditya Vikram

    Get Sales Oriented Explainer Videos & Boost Your Business - Starting at $4 Only !!

  7. thefallendevelopment

    [FREE] Whiteboard video for 2 users

    Hey guys! I am trying to learn this whiteboard software so i can sell these to local businesses. I will give 2 users a free 10-15 second whiteboard video BUT! I do need help with what information is needed. So if you are willing to give me some help, you could get a free whiteboard video...
  8. B

    Free Custom Whiteboard Videos

    Hello Everyone, I am giving away free simple custom whiteboard videos of 10 - 25 seconds max combined with some nice text animation if needed or combined with some 2D animated scenes if it can be done within 10-25 seconds but this is not compulsory. The total videos I will be giving away...
  9. karthikjojo

    Is any1 doing whiteboard animation?

    Please help me to get more websites about videoscribe and whiteboard animation...
  10. SeoMonger

    Your Free Animated/Whiteboard Video Maker. A Free Online Video Maker Animation Website you'll Love!

    Hey Guys, I'd like to share a Whiteboard and an Animated Powerful video maker tool which I've used over 4 years now. The tool I'm talking about is Powtoons and the website is Powtoons.com I've used it for udemy course creations, IG viral videos, white board videos for my clients and heck lot...
  11. SubhoC

    Will a Whiteboard Animation Video like this be of any use to you guys ?

    I'm not trying to promote my service. Mods if you think that this thread is unacceptable then simply delete this thread . I'm genuinely looking for advice or review. I recently started to learn how to create Whiteboard Animation Video. My example video - How do you like it ? I just want to...
  12. J

    [GIVEAWAY] 5 Animated Explainer Videos for those > 200 posts

    Hi all, Participating in the forum after quite sometime. Anyone with more than 200 posts or Jr. VIP can get one Animated Explainer Video or Whiteboard animation video. I am giving these to 5 of you. Please reply if interested. Some of the sample videos are here .. https://goo.gl/NiZMwa...
  13. T

    (Happy New Year 2015 Giveaway) FREE WHITEBOARD ANIMATION VIDEO for 3 BHW Members

    Hey BHW Members , Happy New Year . I wanna provide FREE WHITEBOARD ANIMATION VIDEO for 3 BHW Members as a New Year Gift from my IT Service ( http://www.executiveitsolution.com) . Only 3 members will be selected for this GIVEAWAY . Requirements : *** Why do you need a WHITEBOARD ANIMATION...
  14. rodionu

    [REQ] Whiteboard Pack - Make Your Own Story

    Hi, can someone share this AE project? http://videohive.net/item/whiteboard-pack-make-your-own-story/5355969 Thanks, Rodionu
  15. soroco

    free whiteboard animations

    This is my humble attempt to give something back to the bhw community.I will be happy to make video's up to 2 mins long.Just give me your script /storyline,and images or logo if required.I will put your voiceover in if you supply one.
  16. ron.ray

    Stunning Whiteboard Animation Videos - The Best Video Scribing Service On BHW!

    Thread closed until OP updates their thread.
  17. 4

    Custom Made Creative WHITEBOARD ANIMATION Videos - starts at $299/90s

    SAMPLE VIDEOS: Sample #1 ALL SAMPLE VIDEOS Pricing: starts from $299 per 90 seconds, if you provide voice-over and/or script. << Quote request >> Contacts: email: [email protected] skype: vidumo P.S. we can create/match video to any style you want :)