website coding

  1. m3dUSed

    Convert image to HTML

    Create your website in minutes You may find this free service useful for your IM projects.
  2. CMG

    How much would it cost?

    I'm fairly new to this, guys! Can anyone tell me how much it would cost to create a website like Gold Nitro for Instagram (Not sure if I can post the link) and what skills are required? Thank you!
  3. BoostKings

    Who can develop an Online Sport toggle?

    Hello there, I am looking for someone who is able to create something like this for me: Basically what I am looking for is a system where I can post links to watch sport games online. If you checked the screenshot above you know what I am talking about. If you can...
  4. H


    Looking to get a website made with some api features and more PM more details will pay!!!!
  5. Y

    [SEO Question] Using header tags for all of my body text? Harmful?

    I am putting together a site to do some Social Media Consulting and just have a question about whether or not what I am doing could potential effect my rankings. I purchased a wordpress theme for my site and I took a look at the coding and I noticed that most of the sites text is made up just...
  6. bosmolskate

    10 Easy Ways to Get Top Organic Search Engine Optimization Rankings

    1) Chose your Keywords Carefully Once you have chosen your business and purchased a domain name the next step before submitting your site to search engines is to find useful and relevant keywords. Without this step your website will get lost in the millions of websites...
  7. M

    Wanted: Website designer for some light install and updates

    Our coder is currently on vacation and we are looking for someone to do some installs over the next few days. examples -adding a black friday section -helping out with the newsletter -adding some text around the site -updating a sale image If you are interested and can do the...
  8. parlenk

    welcoming msg on web with girl talk

    Hi all, Can someone enlighten me where i can this kind of script for a talking website? it a script / toolbar? that greet any website visitor with verbal / voices using woman / lady as the guide. Thx example : hxxp:// thx
  9. soulless1

    I need website upgraded & re-designed

    I'm looking to get our site , redone I just dont have the time right now to do it. Its a upload site for my djs, to upload there mixtapes, etc... Here are some sites, that has the same concept, i just want ours to look more professional and to be redesigned..., I...
  10. soulless1

    Website design / coding

    I have a Urban network im having issues with, I purchased the site from the builder in ...I want to say in Nov '09 ..all paid upfront. Ever since, I have had issues, getting a hold of finish the job...for the last few i had to start looking into the whole html/ccs coding etc...
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