website audit

  1. L

    website audit and monitoring

    I am searching for a tool or website from which I an audit websites and monitor websites also till now i found diib website is there any one knows any better then diib Thank You
  2. habibsoft

    ▶️▶️ Advanced Website On Page SEO Audit Report ⚡ Review Copies Inside ⭐ Big Discount ⭐

    Are you tired of your website not ranking on search engines like Google? You're losing money every day your website isn't optimized for on-page SEO. But don't worry, because HR is here to help you with an advanced website on-page SEO audit report and other factors! My detailed website SEO...
  3. Aim100IM

    UnWind SEO – Because No Title Can Explain What You Are About To Gain - from

    FAQ: How many orders can I place? One client can place a maximum of 2 orders per month. You have mentioned 5 phases on your sales page. Will I get all those phases if i order? Not necessarily! For some niches/websites- this is impossible to finish all 5 phases. Most of the orders will get all...
  4. S

    Auditing Expired Domains?

    So i am planning to buy an expired domain with a wikipedia backlink and other 90+ DA links connected to the ED. how can i possibly audit the site once i get the domain to see if its healthy, spam free, ban free etc.???
  5. T

    How to Audit Websites on Different CMS Platforms

    Many guides cover why you need to pay attention to site structure, internal linking, copy, site speed, and all that jazz. But what if you had knowledge upfront about the kind of SEO issues and quirks you might find on the site, based on the Content Management System (CMS) or platform it’s built...
  6. knwldgeskr

    What Are Your Next Steps After Your Websites Traffic Tanks? (Website Analysis Tips From You)

    Hi everyone! So, recently my website traffic according to Ahrefs dropped to 0 & I have no clue why. (bad backlinks, anchors, duplicate content, update, who knows...) And because I have this problem, I think a lot of people on BHW can encounter it too so I decided to ask for BHW gods for their...
  7. Roger Marquez

    GA & GSC Help!

    Until today, I´ve never really dived too much into neither GA or GSC. Today, I want to change that. I know the basics about how to set those up and the meaning of each metric but, as a newbie on this, It´s very overwhelming to process everything and be able to properly analyze the immense...
  8. Jobin John

    Free SEO Audit

    I run an SEO agency and have been doing SEO audits and sharing it with clients and others online via my YouTube channel. I was recently contacted by one of the BHW members for an SEO audit and was able to do a huge audit and SEO roadmap for them, which can be found if you search for SEO for...
  9. Celestial711

    Issues with HTTP/HTTPS site versions

    After moving a site from http to https and analysing the site with website auditor - it seems that there is duplicate content issues. How can this be solved?
  10. sikandar

    Which website audit tools your agency uses?

    These questions are for all who own a digital marketing agency or work for it. Which tools do you use for a paid website audit / SEO audit for sites under 1000 pages? How much do you normally charge for these audits? Which tools are best to giveaway FREE website audits? I'd appreciate your...
  11. B

    How are 404 broken links detected with tools?

    Hi guys, Just wanted ask if anybody knows how a 404 broken links get detected when running tools. What I'm trying to find out is how the tools find these links. I know they crawl them but I need to have a better answer than this. For example I've used seoProfiler and Screaming Frog to do a...
  12. fullyniche

    I'm Back with Another Freebies Data by Moz, Majestic SEO Aug Till End

    Hello Dark Members, Again I'm offering another freebies YOUR COMPETITOR WEBSITE AUDIT (Powered by Raven). Everyone is welcome to receive website audit especially "Newbies". What do you get from this? 1. Summary of Statistics 2. Quality Analyser 3. Keyword Analyser (Data provided by Moz...
  13. fullyniche

    I'm Back Freebies Unlimited Website Audit Review until 9.8.2014

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 08/08/2014 ---- Hello Dark Members, Again I'm giving away WEBSITE AUDIT compare with your Competitor's. Everyone is welcome to receive website audit especially "Newbies". What do you think? If you are interested in grab our service then kindly drop your post here to...
  14. zeetee

    New SEO Panda Leaks, Google Will Auto 301 redirect your Old Clone Sites

    Here are some highlights of John Mueller (Google Webmaster Trends Analyst) Feb 14th and Feb 24th hangouts on google plus. Panda and Content Spidering: If you are adding new content to your website daily make sure that spidering is increasing in Webmaster Tools. If you are adding content and...
  15. T

    Website Audits... Are they really worth all the hype?

    I'm not too sure if getting a website audit done will be worthwhile. I'd love to hear from people who have received a website audit. Are you able to provide a sample so that I know what level to expect, were you happy with the report (as in was it worthwhile) and if you had taken action, did...
  16. ollie9009

    YouTube Management Software

    Does anyone know if there is a program or software that you can put your YouTube links into (or even channel links) and it will calulate your current views, likes, comments etc. This would be useful so I didn't have to manually check each account/ search for all the videos. Online or offline?
  17. S

    Opportunity to do Freelance Website Audit for a large US company but...

    I may have thrown in a porky by telling the recruiter that I have relatively extensive experience in website audits for large companies. I have done website audits for smaller websites, and I figure that it's the same concept. I know what I'm doing, and I'll get my shit together if I get the...
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