1. P

    How To bypass Proxy Block

    Hi Everyone; Please does anyone know how I can Bypass Proxy Block on an offer wall in an app game I have tried 4G/5G mobile proxies it seems to unblock every websites but not this site, I have made sure my dns is not leaking But for some reason I still get Block for using Proxies Can anyone...
  2. B

    Looking to Hire a Adult Cam Site Developer

    Been working on a site in the adult industry for a good while and am looking to make it into a site similar too chaturbate. Need a developer who has experience with JS, WebRTC, and Wowza. If you have a ready to go engine even better. Contact me at [email protected] via email or skype!
  3. EternalFun

    Is webrtc working?

    Hi, I put a private proxy and https://browserleaks.com/webrtc shows this: ss: https://ibb.co/F7Nmnsw Please help me understand if real IP is leaking or not or successfully masked? Thanks.
  4. L

    How to put the SOCKS5 proxy on the router, can this method avoid the problem of webrtc leaking local

    My IOS has been jailbroken, I use the plugin ProxyMager to proxy the sockes5 global proxy via Cydia. But after ios12, Webrtc always exposes my real IP without any privacy. Therefore, I plan to circumvent the problem of Webrtc exposing my real IP by placing the socks5 proxy on the router. This...
  5. D

    I Keep Getting BANNED! Need help.

    So here's the thing, I really need your guys' help. I've been trying to use this website (won't mention its name, just in case they see this), but I keep getting suspended eventually, I've tried everything and I get suspended anyways. Here's what I have tried so far: Trying A LOT of...