1. khalsatoru

    WebRTC leak and worries

    Hello, im using anti detect browser (dolphin and incognition), my setup is using my phone mobile data and ip rotation to do multi accounts (in a game that have cloudfare). The problem i currently have is that sometimes the WebRTC ip does not match my Ipv4 ip, tested on...
  2. Hidemyacc Global

    WebRTC IP leak: The reason why using proxy still reveal the real IP

    1. WHAT IS WEBRTC? WebRTC enables communication between devices and browsers without the need for plugins or supporting software. Simply put, WebRTC allows you to make calls, video calls, send documents, and more on the web. WebRTC leak refers to the situation where your real IP information is...
  3. P

    How To bypass Proxy Block

    Hi Everyone; Please does anyone know how I can Bypass Proxy Block on an offer wall in an app game I have tried 4G/5G mobile proxies it seems to unblock every websites but not this site, I have made sure my dns is not leaking But for some reason I still get Block for using Proxies Can anyone...
  4. B

    Looking to Hire a Adult Cam Site Developer

    Been working on a site in the adult industry for a good while and am looking to make it into a site similar too chaturbate. Need a developer who has experience with JS, WebRTC, and Wowza. If you have a ready to go engine even better. Contact me at [email protected] via email or skype!
  5. EternalFun

    Is webrtc working?

    Hi, I put a private proxy and https://browserleaks.com/webrtc shows this: ss: https://ibb.co/F7Nmnsw Please help me understand if real IP is leaking or not or successfully masked? Thanks.
  6. L

    How to put the SOCKS5 proxy on the router, can this method avoid the problem of webrtc leaking local

    My IOS has been jailbroken, I use the plugin ProxyMager to proxy the sockes5 global proxy via Cydia. But after ios12, Webrtc always exposes my real IP without any privacy. Therefore, I plan to circumvent the problem of Webrtc exposing my real IP by placing the socks5 proxy on the router. This...
  7. D

    I Keep Getting BANNED! Need help.

    So here's the thing, I really need your guys' help. I've been trying to use this website (won't mention its name, just in case they see this), but I keep getting suspended eventually, I've tried everything and I get suspended anyways. Here's what I have tried so far: Trying A LOT of...
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