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  1. natostanco

    Is there a way to index a website on baidu without their WM tools?

    Registering on baidu is painful if you are not chinese, or impossible? Thier mobile phone activation doesn't work for overseas ATM, their single sign on alternative also require a (chinese) phone number, so I can't register and can't submit my website to baidu webmaster dashboard. Is there a...
  2. Vox1Hex

    Is it safe to link all my sites under ahrefs webmaster tool?

    Hi, I have heard a lot of legends about google and how they can identify you as owner of all your websites and if that happen your website can be banned. That is why I am trying to avoid it and I have separated accounts for my google search consoles. Today I made account with ahrefs webmaster...
  3. R


    Hello I found hundred of spam page indexed in Google, all the spam pages have the same id, example: https://mysite.de/id/7a3e1c-patchi-food-menu https://mysite.de/id/7a3e1c-jackfruit-calories-100g https://mysite.de/id/7a3e1c-marathi-recipes-bhaji https://mysite.de/id/7a3e1c-yamaha-logo-png Can...
  4. G

    Disavow 0 PA and DA Links from Webmasters?

    Someone did negative SEO by linking over 2,000 links with DA and PA to my website. I'm not sure if they are natural or appeared out of the ongoing negative SEO My question is, shall I DISAVOW them from Google Webmaster. Do they have some weightage in rankings and general SEO? Please provide...
  5. Starblazer

    Ahrefs webmaster tools - Free for website owners

    Ahrefs is offering free webmaster tools. It's similar to Google search console, and you need to verify ownership of your domains. You can access your site's backlinks & ranking keywords data. You can add unlimited verified websites to AWT, and get all data for free. The crawl budget is 5000 web...
  6. KRA Marketing

    Webmaster Tool Error

    I really need help with this I wrote a new blog post and trying to submit to through google webmaster tool. I go to URL inspection and tells me the post is mobile friendly (Picture 1) Then I click test level URL and tells me it is not mobile-friendly (pictured) The font I use is the same font...
  7. R

    confuse between https:www. ,www, and https:

    can any one explain me the exact difference between https://www.domian.com , www.domain.com and https://doamin .com in google webmaster id add all the three domain in diffrent style and get different info... so anyone help for website and which one should i add in webmaster.
  8. Isabella Taylor

    Lost Traffic on Single Page

    Hello all, We have lost traffic on a single page of the website as compared to October & February month. As we don't do any type of promotion in October month but get leads. So may I know the reason for that.
  9. Isabella Taylor

    Need Help for Sports Betting Software

    Hello, How can I increase the traffic through Off-page activity for the Sports betting software keyword?
  10. Isabella Taylor

    Find Worst Website Pages

    Hello, How can I find out the worst pages of a website (if website have 100+ pages) according to Google guideline? Is there any tool then suggest me?
  11. D

    Google showing me on my website This site may be hacked.

    i have migrated my website PHP to Wordpress Since then Google showing me a warning message " This site may be hacked", how can i remove this warning let me know my site name is www svitm com
  12. S

    Search console - Pure spam detected

    Hello Mates, One of my personal domain doesn't accepting sitemap.xml file. Pure spam issue detected in search console panel. Guys can you suggest how can i solve this issue?
  13. P

    Not getting indexed by bing since a month!! Help

    i started a new blog but i am not getting indexed by bing. I got indexed by google but bing is not indexing my site. Please help me to get indexed. I want to get my blog going. Any help please.
  14. RandomX

    [HEPL] Referenced AMP URL is self-canonical AMP

    Dear Experts, After connecting my new website to webmaster console, it showed this error "Referenced AMP URL is self-canonical AMP" for 2 AMP pages, also i found 2 URLs indexed on google one is non-AMP version and another one is AMP version. So kindly help to solve this problem. Note - i am...
  15. Vincenzo Udinesi

    is it normal to request index for every new article in Google Webmaster Tools?

    I have uploaded around 30 articles(1 per day) on my WordPress blogs and Google has so far indexed around 12 of them. I can only see my rankings for the keywords of those 12 articles inside ahref/semrush. Should I Request Index(fetch as Google) in Google Webmaster Tools for every new article...
  16. fizakhan1

    GWMT temporarily unreachable

    anyone facing same issue with GWMT when fetch & render???
  17. olegnaxd

    Do you register domains in google webmasters?

    I, the websites I have always registered in the webmaster of google so as to send him the sitemap and new articles directly from there. But since I'm creating sites with black hat strategies, so redirect 301, a mess of guess posts even from different sources, and why not even pbn in some cases...
  18. A

    Home Page is not getting indexed

    Hello friends,.can you help me? problem is my website's home page is not getting indexed but all other pages are getting indexed what could be the problem? It would be appreciated if you could help me out.
  19. dawid007

    Website attracting no organic traffic after 7 months

    What am I doing wrong? I have spent alot of time on my SEO for my shopify store and I am still not getting any traffic not even for low competition long tail keywords. Can I get some help?
  20. thatiwudbegood

    Country level domain (.in) for a U.S. based site, how bad is that?

    Hi everyone, I would really appreciate any insight you could share. I've built up a news focused web site and the url ends in .in. I chose this because the domain name is clever and catchy. However, i didn't anticipate that Webmaster tools would not let me change the location targeting to the...