web scraping service

  1. A


    Hello BHW members,, I need a web scraper to scrape data from a football result website, where tournaments, leagues, teams, and match result would be scraped.... Let me know if you are interested, am willing to pay $100 for the scraper. it would be used to scrape data into Mysql tables already...
  2. arundamo

    Free: Get Top 20 Reuse Allowed Youtube Video Information your keyword

    Hi Everyone, I am using a custom created a bot for my youtube video Autoblog and since I learned so much in BHW I would like to provide the below service as free hoping it might help somebody. Why I am doing this: As I have mentioned earlier, It is a way to thank everyone, here. What you will...
  3. Alex D.

    Selling data to companies (Web Scraping)

    Two years ago I started with Web Scraping, it was something like hobby. I created profile on freelancer and started there, in two years I had over 50 clients mostly small projects with low budget. In that two years I earned approx $3000. Since freelancer is full with scammers and projects with...