web hosting plans

  1. C

    diggdigital.com - Linux/Windows VPS hosting starts from €9.99/mo (DE, NL, RU, US)

    Our Plans Germany VPS Germany 100 Mbps OpenVZ VPS Plans Details Digg Starter : 50GB HDD | 1GBps/Unmetered | Xeon Processor |512MB Dedicated RAM | 1 cores 1 Dedicated IP Address - Just ?9.99/mo Digg Professional : 250GB HDD | 1GBps/Unmetered | Xeon Processor |2048MB Dedicated RAM | 2 cores...
  2. groundfalling

    What is the cheapest VPS hosting with cPanel?

    I have been searching this for some time now and all the big names charge almost same from 40-50$ a month. Could anyone please recommend a cheap VPS hosting with cPanel? I'm only looking for an option with cPanel as i cannot handle a semi-managed one. Thanks
  3. H

    GoDaddy help ASAP!!!

    Hey guys! I feel like a complete tool / retard be cause I have absolutely no idea what I am doing, and have just wasted over 30 pounds on go daddy... Need HELP! Please all you professional web hosters.. So here's my deal : I went onto go https://www.godaddy.com and on the front page...
  4. RMX

    [JV] Looking for web designers

    Hi. Do you offer web design to your clients? If you do, how would you like to get more money out of it? And what if I say, that it's recurring? Every month a fixed amount for each and every of your customers. PM me for more info.
  5. S

    Web hosting plans?

    hi! Ive serched th forum many times , ive red a lot of reviews from internet... an no i can't decide for a web host:confused:....:confused::confused::confused::confused: can you please suggest me one.... a good the will let me keep many websites, mysql databases, a lot of trafic, a lot of...
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