web crawler

  1. mainceaft

    Developing domains hunter need partner

    Hi as title said I want to develop Crawler that search the web and hunt good old domains that have BL's from big Authority sites , the crawler will give you warning whenever any of these domains is about to expire son to hunt it , This will be my first to do something on this scale , as you can...
  2. kowaininja

    Creating Scanner of live betting. Arbitrage opportunities in Sports

    I would like to clone positivebet.com Developer need to build the scanner of live betting, by gathering real time information from different betting websites through API. bet356, 1xbet, williams hill, ...etc
  3. A

    Local Data Scraper Question? (Business Data)

    What is a good web data scraper to collect business names, business addresses & contact names (if available) ??? This Scraper I'm looking for needs the ability to search by geographic area (location, like town / county) and keywords (business type, like "hospital") Thanks in advance.