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  4. Aniket Roy

    DA 85; Do-follow web 2.0 link site (.ru TLD)

    Here's another one with a high DA this time. https://nethouse.ru/ Its a site building platform just like most of the web 2.0s. The procedure or UI is quite different from the rest. (Yes, i've tried building one myself) Actually, its less of a drag and drop and pretty much every common...
  5. Aniket Roy

    [Moz DA:59] New do-follow link website

    Took me a while to find this one. Hope this helps. https://vivaldi.net/ Though everyone in this forum is quite savvy when it comes to things like this, i'll still list some general steps for the process. 1. Go to vivaldi.net and register. 2. The do-follow link comes from the blog and you...
  6. R

    How to make web 2.0 backlinks?

    I heard that youtube videos may be ranked using backlinking and one of those is the web 2.0 backlinks. Is there an online or free software that can make these links?
  7. Rankie

    Best Do-follow web 2.0 sites list 2020 with High DA

    Doing backlink building is one of the most challenging tasks, finding your self a High DA web 2.0 that allows do-follow backlinks to be placed seem to be a barrier to get higher ranking in SERP. I’m going to share a great list of high-quality web 2.0 sites with you through which you can...
  8. Power Booster


  9. mani.dxb007

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  10. J

    which one is better to do for seo web 2.0 or Guest post on lower da

    Hi i am confused what i should do I have some content to post but which one will be best for me if i am posting on HIGH DA web 2.0 do follow or Guest post on Lower DA
  11. insubh

    Expired Web 2.0 Blogs [Are they Powerful]

    I am planning to get expired web 2.0 blogs to build backlinks. I choose them because they are already Indexed, have backlinks and high PA. What do you think about it? Are they useful nowadays?
  12. SEOGoat

    Web 2.0 Indexed but Url Not Showing in Google Search

    Really need help as to how to check if Web 2.0 is indexed or Not ! Good Signs: 1) When I use tools like indexing checker etc online It says they the Web 2.0's are Indexed. 2) Web 2.0's have decent DA and PA Bad Signs. 1) Let alone pasting a paragraph from the web2.0 into google search.. it...
  13. MrGrayHat

    Creating Web 2.0 PBN still worth the work?

    Hello Guys, i have found here a lot of Guides about how to creat a web 2.0 PBN. The Problem is, this Guides are from 2018 before Google does the latest "medic" update.. So now my Question, is it still worth the work to creat a "own" Web 2.0 PBN? Or should i better creat my own PBN-Network with...
  14. adamcrew

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  15. Giant Marketers

    [Complete Guide] Advance Web 2.0 Backlink Strategy After 2018 Google Update

    Ahoy! Let’s face the truth! We all know at least one fellow marketer who says, Web 2.0 link-building does not work. However, I’m not fascinated by a cat fight but come on bro. I mean, seriously? I’ve seen many of the marketers fail and chitchat about Web 2.0s to people. But what disturbs me...
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    What Will We Do * We do COMPLETELY manual blog creation. We don't use any software. * We do manual spinning to generate unique readable content * We embed relevant image and video inside content * We maintain proper anchor text distribution to be safe from Google update * We interlink all the...
  17. Titans

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  18. R

    I need help. After Find Expired Tumbler.

    Hey everyone, i want to know after find expired tumbler how i link back to my site. means how i login in other tumbler account without login credentials. thanks in advance.
  19. fakeshoes

    How to build links on web 2.0 (in this case) ?

    Hello everyone, I'm running game hacks site. My money site is old about 3 weeks and it has about 20 articles. As you know in this type of niche, amount of articles you can write are unlimited. So when I create web 2.0 ( a Quality ones ), I'm wondering how to link in to my money site. Let's...
  20. W

    Web 2.0 Links Debate

    What is the best option from your perspective? To register and build brand new Web 2.0 with 10 unique quality posts linked internally and externally, or to scrape Web 2.0 sites with existing links and use the juice for your money site. I am more interested in which method is safer than better...