1. R

    Jarvee campaign tool got my account banned

    So I was using Jarvee on one of my accounts to post a photograph and the next day the account was banned. I wanted to try this feature out because I always uploaded photo's in the app itself. The account is aged and I was doing average 645 likes a day for a few months already. No follow/...
  2. E

    Google wave invites !

    Just write down your mail.
  3. V

    Five Google Wave Invites

    (5) Wave invites left, Here: http://www.lithium-media.net/Thread-5-Google-Wave-Invites Enjoy :tee:
  4. C

    Google Wave invites (5)

    I have 5 Google Wave invites available to give away at the moment for people that haven't received one. If you'd like one, pm me with your email address or simply reply with your email address. The first 5 will get them. I will have more invites coming soon EDIT: I'VE GOT 8 MORE INVITES TO...
  5. B

    I have 16 Wave invites to give out to new friends

    Let me know if you want one.
  6. G

    URGENT! Google Wave Invites bit.ly/w2e-wave

    bit.ly/w2e-wave From the Web 2.0 conference at the Javitts center going on now. https://en.oreilly.com/webexny2009/user/account/signup/attendee Supposedly they MAY check against registrationj, possibly try to register as press.
  7. A

    Get notified about Google wave invites immediately

    This a simple trick explained well here. http://techyoyo.com/2009/10/get-notified-about-google-wave-invites-immediately/
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