warm up

  1. masterbuilder22


    I've been running FB ads for a long time now, I can say that I've tried a LOT of strategies out there but it seems like, when you run BH, there's always a BAN coming for you... I know you guys have experienced this before where you have successful campaigns making huge amount of money and then...
  2. LearningForever

    Jarvee + new Pinterest account: Warm up process?

    Hi Jarvee and Pinterest masters! I recently created a business account in Pinterest and I am planning to automate it with Jarvee. How do you recommend me to warm up the new account so it doesn't get banned or limited? Once fully working it will be posting around 50 pins per day, each with a...
  3. Stav Aharon

    WARMING UP an aged account on INSTAGRAM

    hello, i just bought 10 aged instagram accounts (3-4 Years aged) and wanted to warm them up, any suggestions for the 14 first days? im using dedicated proxys (1 proxy = 1 user) thanks
  4. catwithhat

    Before I go nuts with my settings I want to know is my account warm enough?

    Its it warm enough? For this thread not to be just a lame joke - for how long I need to warm up my brand new account?
  5. N

    Facebook Account Warm Up and Initial Log In

    Hi All, I am looking to figure out what I am doing wrong with my account warm up. Several of my aged accounts were just disabled in a row with NO ACTIVITY! I purchased all of these aged accounts from FBaccs.com. My checklist is as follows. -New browser session (either in Jarvee, or on Firefox...
  6. sesamee

    WARMING UP an aged account on INSTAGRAM

    Follow/like/comment method with bot: Let's assume i warm up my account/s during ~10/12 days following/liking/commenting people with a little daily growth, so for example: Day 1 : 25-55 follows, 20-50 likes, 2-8 comments Day 2 : 30-60 follows, 30-60 likes, 3-9 comments Day 3: 65-85...