1. N

    Where can I get CC0 photos for my wallpaper platform

    Hi, Before 2019 I wanted to create own website with desktop wallpapers, so I started looking for a website that provides CC0 photos + API and I found Pixabay.com. I wanted (and I want) to be ethical, so when I was applying for API key I clearly wrote that I want to use their CC0 photos for my...
  2. B

    Make HD Wallpapers site and earned monthly Good Bucks $$$$$

    How I can make HD wallpapers site ? Need Guideline ... How I can upload wallpapers on my creating web and never get claim that from any company or person Thanks
  3. IamDevil

    Blue Print To Create A Wallpaper Site?

    Hello BHWers, I have adsense account approved but my content-based site receive very low traffic so it's not working for me. I found people creating wallpaper websites with almost 0 original content, and without textual content, within 4-5 months, their sites are hitting like 100k pageviews in...
  4. 5

    What is this ad network & Can anyone suggest me how to earn money with wallpapers website?

    I have a wallpapers website about free wallpapers with 19% US traffic but I'm not making any money from that :( Any suggest for me? And today I saw a ad about popular screensaver in freewallpapers4desktop. I am so interested with this ad network, please tell me if you know that. Thanks P/s: The...
  5. Subsonic

    Cool BlackHatWorld Wallpaper in various resolutions

    I decided to take a break from work today and relax by doing some graphic design stuff WITHOUT a client requesting changes and improvements all the time. I just love to design when I have a total control over every aspect of what I'm doing and that's how I created a new BlackHatWorld wallpaper I...
  6. roamer

    A gift to keep you motivated and focused the whole year, inspired by

    Hi guys. I got the inspiration to share these from healzer's awesome wallpaper thread: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/blackhat-lounge/387962-bhw-2012-wallpapers.html I like to create my own wallpapers, so I took some of the files I used for my wallpapers and recreated them...
  7. shevkorn

    Images in google

    hello guys I'm a continous reader of this amazing site, I was reading for a long time, but now I would like ask a few things if it's possible. first of all. sorry my bad english, this is not good but I'm gonna try to explain my doubts. I have a wallpaper site, but I would like increase the...
  8. S

    Wallpaperslk.com IS Like As Site

    are you see this. this blog site was like as web.any one can say how to design like this theme wallpaperslk.com