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  1. snowmanstudio

    How To Scrap Only Image(.JPG .PNG etc) from a whole website (not just a page)?

    I want to scrap all image file from a website. Any tools for this? :alien:
  2. N

    Where can I get CC0 photos for my wallpaper platform

    Hi, Before 2019 I wanted to create own website with desktop wallpapers, so I started looking for a website that provides CC0 photos + API and I found Pixabay.com. I wanted (and I want) to be ethical, so when I was applying for API key I clearly wrote that I want to use their CC0 photos for my...
  3. M

    How people do SEO for Wallpapers site ?

    I was roaming around and seen some wallpapers based sites which receives lot of traffic every month. I wonder how do they SEO for such image based sites ? I am looking for extraordinary information not the basics one such as (adding alt tags, surrounding the image with targeted keywords, adding...
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