1. hercai

    Where Can I Get Royalty-Free Wallpaper?

    Hello, I have developed a new Wallpaper application. I want to share wallpapers in my app. However, a few of my friends had similar apps and some of the wallpapers they shared were removed from the play store for "policy violation" for some reason. In order not to encounter such a problem and...
  2. snowmanstudio

    Suggest Me A Theme for Wallpaper Website

    I want to make a wallpaper downloading website... But didn't find any wallpaper theme... - wordpress/ Next Js / PHP
  3. snowmanstudio

    How To Scrap Only Image(.JPG .PNG etc) from a whole website (not just a page)?

    I want to scrap all image file from a website. Any tools for this? :alien:
  4. Xtreme19

    Looking for someone to promote a wallpaper app

    I have a hot n(ot so safe for work) app on play store. I want more installs and reviews. I am not looking for fake reviews and installs. I will pay per 100 installs or monthly(If you can bring constant installs). Thanks.
  5. Xtreme19

    4K Hot Woman Wallpapers App needs Uploader

    We need uploaders for android app. You can download & register here : https://bit.ly/4KHot We are looking for someone who can upload 20 to 30 wallpapers a day. Quality should be 4K, UHD or HD only. We can offer per post or per day prices.
  6. ari991

    ( ASK ) no index on google image

    my wallpaper blog get a lot of indexes on Google search, but why isn't there something indexed on Google image? I use plugins to create thousands of wallpaper. sorry for bad english
  7. MehdiBmm

    Want to start a wallpaper download website. What's best for SEO?

    Hello pals, I am looking to start a wallpaper download website and wanted to get some advices and opinions for SEO. What CMS should I use? Is Wordpress adapted for these type of websites? Let's say I want to rank for the keywords "download wallpapers" "download free wallpapers" "hd...
  8. lampard

    Shutterstock 5 downloads/user- Open only for 24 hours.

    Post the links to image/vector on thread. Request all 5 links in a single post. I will reply with zippyshare links on the thread itself. The links will be valid for 7days after which I'll be deleting the files from the host. I won't share 'editorial use only' content.
  9. virtualbyron

    List - 52 000 Wallpapers

    Here you go: https://imgur.com/gallery/mne6X
  10. J

    What topic of article i submitted?

    Hello everyone! I have a wallpaper website, so i want to submit articles for my website but i am so confusing about what topic i am choosing for write an article related to my wallpaper website??? Please give your suggestion and help me out . . . Thanks
  11. J

    Please give suggestion about my site meta tags

    hello everyone! I am so confusing about how i am selected words in meta tags, what kind of title i submit to my post or related keywords, tags etc. Please give your suggestions, suppose this is my Post Title Beautiful Barbara Palvin Wide 4k Wallpaper Meta tile Beautiful Barbara Palvin Wide 4k...
  12. casperwebs

    [Seek] I need Celebrities Wallpapers Any resolution but HD

    Hi, I am running a wallpaper download site. I have almost any type of wallpaper available on my hard disk but lacking in celebrities. If anyone of you have those images in HD (atleast) > Male Celeb > Female Celeb > HollyWood/BollyWood > TV Shows both India/UK/USA Please make a zip and...
  13. S

    I need a motivational wallpaper!

    Hello guys, I am looking for a motivational wallpaper, something that every time i look at my desktop will keep my ass on the chair to work and reach my goals. I have some good idea but good is not enough, i want to use the best possible. So I would like to know...what are your ideas?
  14. V

    Design "Satisfaction Guarantee"

    G'day. I've decided that my first posts will be about something I whipped up when I was bored. It's a simple wallpaper-ish design. I didn't know what to put in as content, so I just did "Satisfaction Guarantee". What'da ya think? h**p://a.pomf.se/hnjunb.png Cause image was too big and I'm not...
  15. D

    Bot Question & Toughts

    Hi guys, so I recently bought a bot for my wallpaper site, and I wondering if google is going to penalize me for uploading like 50 wallpapers in 10 min. Do you think they will understand that I'm using a bot or is it ok? Anyone thoughts?
  16. D

    Trying to Automate Everything

    Hey guys, ive reached a point where I would like to automate everything. I have a wallpaper site that's making decent money everyday, and I want to know who can I speak about bot creation ? Thanks :) P.S Yes I did try looking in the forum but I coudnt find it.. :cool::cool::cool::cool:
  17. O

    Cheap Graphic Designer Needed $1 Per Design

    Hi there Im looking for a graphic designer who can design desktop wallpaper for me. I have lots of work i need doing. Please post your samples of work Thanks
  18. N

    Is there any affiliate program suitable for wallpaper website?

    hi, im running a wallpaper website and im getting some traffic, i want to know is there any affiliate programs like screen savers which can i promote on my website. if you know please let me know, thanks in advance
  19. cbnoob

    Free background image/wallpaper for commercial use

    Hi all, I'm currently create a product, some squeeze pages to be exact and I found a lot of nice wallpaper on google search as well as on sites that offer wallpapers for free. I wonder is it OK to use such images/wallpaper in my product? Do you know any source that have quality wallpapers (high...
  20. N

    seo for wallpaper website

    Hi, I'm running a wallpaper website and earning nothing :( I'm getting 20-50 visits per day, now i want to know how to increase the traffic and experts give some SEO ideas (please give full guide because I'm not seo guru) i'm using a 3rd party script:(
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