1. wordpresscre

    do mock up for your logo text brand

    i will present your logo on wall mock up all what you need send me your logo or text or brand logo should be without background https://mega.nz/#!WqB1WQQK!gemFfmsx5qqQGEwzdI1UCxeNImR2hOAsjjRFNyFoIjw
  2. Muraszczyk

    PPC Network with offer wall

    Hey. I'm looking for ppc mobile network with offer wall. Can you recommend something?
  3. E

    Face Book Fan Page wall Scrapper for email?

    I am seeing a lot od sites doing the invite only to be part of the site and using fb as a way to have others post email addresses to the fan page wall to be invited. Is there a way to scrap the wall and collect all the email addresses that are added with out having to copy and paste each one..
  4. P

    How manage wall photos on Facebook (timeline)?

    Hi, I'm trying to find some info about it, but without success. The main problem, that you can't set your wall pictures on Facebook (timeline) by width. Facebook automatically shows zoomed pictures and you can only move them to any direction ('Reposition Photo'). And I want to see full...
  5. R

    What guides for Facebook Newbies do you advice ? Thanks !

    What guides for Facebook Newbies do you advice ? Thanks ! - Hey ;) I'm very new to Facebook marketing (I'm even very new to Facebook alone, I don't like to use FB for personal purposes but if I can earn good money, I will... like :o), I'm doing deep researches, but I wanted to have...
  6. S

    Facebook Group Wall

    Hi i have a question! How can i block that only admins of a group can post something there!? I saw it! But i have no idea where i can choose something like this! Please help me!
  7. R

    Message FB friends or wall post?

    Trying to have my friends vote for me in a contest, would you recommend messaging them all or posting on all their walls?
  8. B

    How to mass wallpost to all your friends !

    I'm using this to promote nightclubs here in Dublin. 1. Go to. 2. Press the 3. Upload yourself a photo of your choice and put a little blingie star or whatever on it. 4. Save it 5. Write your message ( Can include a link as well ) - Dosent ask for capcha 6. Check the box...
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