1. Wilson Grant Fisk

    Elementor Pro WordPress plugin Vulnerability - Hacker Exploit

    Hackers exploit WordPress plugin flaw that gives full control of millions of sites Elementor Pro fixed the vulnerability, but not everyone has installed the patch...
  2. tattooedbuddha

    Over 280,000 WordPress sites may have been hijacked by zero-day hiding in popular plugin

    A zero-day vulnerability found in a premium WordPress plugin is being actively exploited in the wild, researchers are saying, urging users to remove it from their websites until a patch is released. WordPress security plugin makers WordFence uncovered a flaw in WPGateway, a premium plugin...
  3. Max Kirschner

    How do you distill useful knowledge from seemingly successful people without asking them?

    Sometimes I see people doing business on youtube and I hate their guts. But not for the reasons you might think. I hate their guts, because They are still there. Their business doesn't tank, they don't suffer loss of money. They keep on posting regular content, no matter what. A storm can come...
  4. T

    WordPress security vulnerability WordPress plugin -Update

    Reportedly, a researcher from NinTechNet, Jerome Bruandet, has discovered a serious vulnerability in the GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. The bug, considering the 700,000+ active installations of the plugin, could have risked thousands of websites. As explained in a blog post, Bruandet, found a...
  5. Veil123

    Divi Theme Code Injection Vulnerability

    If your website has the Divi theme, Extra theme and/or the Divi Builder plugin then you need to make an update as soon as possible. The vulnerability allows an untrustworty user to execute PHP functions. Elegant Themes discovered this vulnerability during a routine code audit. Read more about...
  6. ninjab

    Vulnerability Found with LastPass Sharing - Hide Password Does Not Work.

    Hey Everyone, Heads up to anyone using LastPass, if you share a password to someone they are able to reveal the password even if you mark it as "Do not show password" This might be common knowledge but it is an issue. We had shared several passwords with 3rd party contractors via the...
  7. Gigi_dx

    Find a freelancer who has the ability to solve website vulnerabilities (I am Chinese)

    Sorry, I am a Chinese who can't speak English, but I will use Google Translate...^ _ ^ If you are interested, we will discuss how much it costs for this task! Maybe you just want to have a Chinese friend, I can teach you to say "Chinese"...
  8. Phobos

    One a scale of 1-13, how illegal is this?

    Hey BHW. Old old member here. One of my business associates is starting a business and asked for assistance - I know one of you geniuses will have a solid $0.02 to contribute to this. He's started a business that specifically helps small business with website security (Think sites built with...
  9. Madruga

    [GET List] Most Vulnerable Wordpress Plugins (2400+)

    I found online a simple list with over 2400 names of the most vulnerable wordpress plugins. From my research I think this list was created somewhere around in March 2013, so it might be possible that some (few) were updated/fixed. The list doesn't show eactly what vulnerability is in there...
  10. Fuggz

    Pinterest XSS javascript payload [Advanced]

    I posted this in the VIP section but it didn't get too much appreciation and I think that there may be other members that will be able to use this. This isn't for members unfamiliar with XSS or javascript, but it is a good source to see the code that Pinterest uses for things (function...
  11. M

    Need a multiple hackers to test my website.

    Can you hack web sites? Do you want to test your hacking skills? Bring it on dm me for info.
  12. D

    fb's issue/vulnerability

    Hi there, Today, I noticed that you could add mail adresses to your fb accounts even if you don't own them. If you don't understand.. go to facebook and go on the search thing as you would do if you were searching for a friend and type "[email protected]", now watch the result (you must be...
  13. mystery

    Link Injection - Anyone Care to Share?

    Hello everyone, was wondering how we can go about doing it.... link injection.... as in injecting your links to pages/posts of other sites/blogs exploiting some vulnerability.. Is there no tool to help with this? Thanks....
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