1. G

    Gain direct bookings from my Facebook and Instagram Ads

    How can I improve my conversion from Facebook and Instagram Ads for my Airbnb Business? I want to gain bookings for my direct booking website aside from Airbnb and VRBO.
  2. catnipking

    Does anyone know of a legit Airbnb or VRBO clone?

    Hello. I have a friend I have done some business with in the past; he is interested in an Airbnb/VRBO type site. I have searched Google to find a pre-existing clone product, which would be the best-case scenario; everything I have discovered is....? There are many of them, some with ads in PPC...
  3. B

    Trying to publish advert on Rentalia.es and I am getting flagged

    Hello guys, Trying to publish advert on Rentalia.es and I am getting flagged, for the first 2-3 adverts it worked to publish houses but now isn't working anymore, I am using VIP72 proxies and the Linkensphere but they are still detecting me somehow, any idea? Paying for a solution which will...
  4. S

    Buying VRBO Reviews

    This is probably a strange request since it's not really SEO related and anything to do with most of the topics on blackhat world but does anyone know how to buy or get a bunch of fake VRBO reviews? I am starting the construction process on our Cabin in a nearby ski resort and need to get 25+...
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