vps providers

  1. J

    Want to know about some specific VPS provider.

    hi, I am in search of some VPS provider. Whose datacenter is located in New York and their IP address format is like this 38.86.*********** 38.96************ 38.112*********** 38.*************** Do you know any provider who has these qualities?
  2. T

    I need vps privider for sending 500k emails a day

    hello, previously i was using linode vps's to send emails to my list but they banned my account for spam complaints so im stuck now searching for a new provider wich must be mailing friendly. if you could point me to right direction and affordable price that would be great. thank you .
  3. 55trillion

    Which VPS provider allow torrent uploading?

    Hi guys, I am using profitserver russian VPS from long time but never tried uploading torrent through VPS. I would like to know profitserver allow torrent uploading or not and if no then please suggest me a VPS provider who allow torrent upload.
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