vps problems

  1. T

    I need vps privider for sending 500k emails a day

    hello, previously i was using linode vps's to send emails to my list but they banned my account for spam complaints so im stuck now searching for a new provider wich must be mailing friendly. if you could point me to right direction and affordable price that would be great. thank you .
  2. Y

    HELP!! My cursor goes crazy while on vps

    Im using a Corsair m65 mouse, when I keep my vps open for a certain amount of time my mouse goes crazy and keeps dragging toward the top left part of my screen. Iv tried uninstalling the drivers restarting my PC and reinstalling them nothing has worked and corsair tech support isn't available...
  3. OscarLarsen

    VPS Problems

    Hello i have problems with my vps. When i login it says "connecting" But is does not show the desktop. And then it goes back to the login in client. Please help. Sorry for my bad english.