vps hosting

  1. raynic

    Anyone using OVHcloud?

    I need to buy a VPS hosting with servers in the US. Which VPS hosting are you using and what's your experience? Please I am not interested in shared hosting.
  2. paja93

    ServerLynx | Self-Managed Linux KVM VPS | Dedicated servers(DE,FR,GB,CA) | Additional IPs | Affiliate program | Refund period

    Welcome to our thread, dear BHW community! We, ServerLynx, are new in town, still unpopular, so we are grateful for your attention and time. Thank you! Here are few things we have ready for you You are gonna like our KVM plans! We offer you a top notch hardware and some pretty damn good NVME...
  3. Rollfic

    VPS Hosting that has NO spammed IPs?

    Seems Vultr, DO have spammed IP database and does give fresh IP address and nor do they care. Like if any one spams, other customers get impacted as the IP is shared. Some threads: https://discourse.mailinabox.email/t/digital-ocean-ips-being-blacklisted-by-more-and-more-esps/8502...
  4. Rollfic

    VPS proper way to run?

    Hello, non techy here (never used VPS for site before) Going with DO + plesk/cpanel. What else to be done to run and secure the VPS without doing much work? Was reading some topics and came to know VPS needs to be constantly updated, simple installing and updating plugins can break stuff...
  5. Rollfic

    WARNING - Hetzner lost customer data and gave 20€ as compensation

    Hetzner cloud services are known for their good pricing but got bad reviews on the internet because they disable accounts of legit users after ID submissions. Source: Hetzner lost customer data and gave 20€ as compensation (bleepingcomputer.com) PS: The breach happened around 3 months ago...
  6. PeterPerseo

    Looking for a VPS/Cloud hosting with cPanel installed and ready

    Hi, after many years building and managing hundreds of wordpress sites ONLY on shared hosting, now I need a vps or cloud hosting for a new project, but I need an hosting ready to go, with cPanel and softacoulous already installed and ready to work. I'm not able to install them. Does anyone know...
  7. QuanticIT

    Best and cheap client portal for VPS Proxy website?

    Hi, I have a website where I sell VPS and Proxy. I actually resell them. Like I add product and when I get a order I buy from the main Website and sell them on a higher price. I have been doing these manually. I deliver order details on email. I am using WordPress and WooCommerce. Now the...
  8. Linu

    Need feedback about Contabo VPS

    Hey guys need your feedback about Contabo VPS. Is it good to migrate from Digital Ocean, Vultr, and Cloudways to Contabo. If someone using this VPS then let me know how is it? Do let me know your feedback about Contabo. Thanks
  9. lavce469

    QHost MACEDONIAN Servers ⚡ Cheap and Affordable ⚡ Litespeed Hosting ⚡ VPS ⚡ Dedicated Servers ⚡

    QHost - Macedonian Servers Super Fast Litespeed Web Hosting, Easy Upgradable VPS, Dedicated Servers Powerful servers with high-end performance that will guarantee 99.99% UP-time. Test our infrastructure - | 100MB | 200MB | 500MB | 24/7 Premium Support & 99,99% Uptime & Unlimited...
  10. Luci2018

    AlexHost Down

    I have vps on alexhost. Alexhost is down now.
  11. RichKIDLK

    Using shared hosting is a bad for websites ranking?

    VPS hosting vs Shared hosting I heard that using shared host cause to change the website ranking with high frequency. "Frequent downtimes, database connection errors, Internal server error, too many unnecessary re-directs, frequent IP address migration are some of the hazards of going with a...
  12. G

    Need Help With New VPS Website

    Hi, I want to make an website for VPS server and Proxy. Can you give me idea how can I start? Which theme and plugin should I use? There will be a home page where I will put my plans with a table an price, people click on buy now and got to page like this image Where url will be...
  13. MehtaM

    Should I go for shared hosting or VPS hosting?

    I'm planning to launch 7-10 micro niche blogs within few days and 1 Amazon affiliate website. Shall I go for shared hosting or VPS hosting? While researching I had planned to get Siteground hosting but their rates changed and renewal rate is too high now. Which affordable host with good support...
  14. R

    How To Create Website With Vps Hosting in 5 Min (DigitalOceon,Vultr etc)

    How To Create Website With Vps Hosting in 5 Min (DigitalOceon,Vultr etc) and How To Install Free Tracking To Track Your CPA Campaigns.
  15. M

    vps hosting

    hi everyone,need suggestion regarding best vps hosting with port 25 open
  16. FriedrichWN

    Can my real IP be seen if I use a VPS ?

    I want to use a website which doesn't offer its services in my country. If I use a VPS that's located in a country where their services are available can they see my real location, because if they do they will %100 ban my account?
  17. akshay_saini

    SSD Reseller Hosting - 40% OFF FOR LIFE! - UNLIMITED SSD Storage & Bandwidth - LiteSpeed - Free SSL

    Wise Solution - Fast & Affordable Cloud Reseller Hosting in France & India ••••••••••••••• SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!! Wise Solution - A King Of Reseller Hosting! Yes, we've secretly moved to the cloud for amazing performance and reliability!! Wise Solution a leader in Web hosting in a company in...
  18. Advertising Manager

    SSD/HDD Instant VPS Hosting | 25% OFF FOR LIFE! | Umax Hosting

  19. HenryObi

    What Website Host Do You Know Offer Auto Scaling And Can Handle 1k Visitors Interacting With The Sit

    I'm looking for a reliable hosting that offers auto scaling and can handle over 1k users Interacting with the site at once. When I say Interacting, I don't mean merely reading articles on the site. I mean something like playing a quiz which makes requests every... Very few hosting providers...
  20. hipster9

    Need VPS hosting for CPA websites

    Hi guys I need VPS hosting for CPA websites, Please suggest some DMCA ignored hosts. Thanks
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