1. H

    Traffic source to promote SOI Vouchers (Sweeps)

    Hi folks. So I've been trying a couple of pop, push, interstitial networks for SOI offers, and after spending hundreds of dollars on testing them it was not really worth it, lots of bot and trashy traffic, very low prelander CTR's. I'm looking for a better way of promoting, thinking of native...
  2. dipakgseo

    Giveaway vouchers to get 1000 Facebook Likes for free

    Hello friends, I am extremely happy to announce my new giveaway of vouchers to get 1000 Facebook Likes for free. I am glad to see response to my earlier offers and now would love to get more response to this also. I can't post direct link here as I am not allowed yet, you have to PM me for...
  3. A

    If you have bing accs , I am looking for Rev Share , I'll pay you Daily on our profits!

    Hey guys ! I have been unsuccessful in creating bing ads accounts recently so now i am looking for someone who can create them to make a JV with me ! I will pay 50% on our profits and will do that payment daily ! all proofs of earnings will be sent in screenshots or teamviewer if needed ! I...
  4. tixpf

    75$ AdWords Vouchers - does it still work?

    I've stumbled upon this thread: /blackhat-seo/making-money/425899-easiest-100-day-i-know.html and was wondering if it's still possible to use vouchers and advertise for free? I'm asking, because the only vouchers I've found on fiverr would require me to actually deposit 25$ to activate the 75$...
  5. GoogleCrack

    19 £100 Free Adwords Coupon - Freebie

  6. A

    Looking for cheap Facebook Coupons

    Hi All, I am looking for cheap Facebook Ads vouchers coupons. I will buy in bulk and regularly. Currently I have multiple seller providing me for $5. But let me know if anyone can provide me for $3-$4 dollar. Thanks!
  7. sk8tavou

    Coupon Heaven. Cheapest Adwords Coupon Service Online [ONLY 0.70$/COUPON]

  8. V

    Free 75$ adwords vouchers

    I want to give something back to the community ,so here is 5 vouchers of 75$ value ,25$ spend required : 36CXA-6RRVX-MXXQ 36D7A-3QQHD-RCQ3 36D7P-GMAXT-MXKN 36D7Q-67VUR-DKTP 36D93-CW6D4-PXTY Expire 1feb 2013.
  9. monicatan1985

    Voucher ads for same website

    Guys Let me know if this is possible Buy 10 gmail accounts Create a.d.w.o.r.d.s for all gmail accounts get it verfified - vcc Buy ten $100 vouchers Use it for all the 10 a.d.w.o.r.d.s accounts Ads are for the same root domain but different subdomains (per account) Let me know if this is...
  10. bosmolskate

    [GiveAway] $100 AdWords Vouchers Codes - EXPIRES June 30

    I have a lot of AdWords vouchers for US and Canada ONLY This is my giveback to the forums! They expire June 30, 2012 (sorry for the short notice) I will have more in the future 87AT-L2SU-9NMV-YQSN-SQUS 87AT-L2V7-3NHS-6J4L-55VA MRAY-MANZ-C32H-FRZ8-LTS 87AT-L2MA-W8HR-XM8J-KUMJ...
  11. M

    I have 95 Google Adword Vouchers Each Voucher is $105. Help or Ideas

    Hi, I have 95 Adwords vouchers and each voucher is $105. I was wondering if anyone could give me ideas. Should I sell them? or should I partner up with someone who can put them to good use and both of us make money? Feel free to share and help me. Thank you :)
  12. MadaDaas

    Facebook Ads Worker

    i am looking for someone who can run Facebook advertisement campaigns for me using Facebook ads vouchers. will be paying per voucher used depending on the voucher quantity. you will be in charge of making the ad , tweaking it and all the necessary things involved in making voucher accounts o...
  13. I

    URGENT, Need Vouchers and Gifts Ideas Please

    Hi, I just created my new program, where I will pay to our visitors or give them vouchers and gifts. I started with some gifts, like Amazon, ASOS, iTunes vouchers, Xbox Live points, or Argos vouchers But I need more and more ideas. Anyone can help..!
  14. 520am

    [X-MAS Giveaway] 115$ AdWords Accounts

    In the time before X-Mas we are all a little more generous. So in part of the X-Mas giveaways I'm giving away a few AdWords coupons. First 20 people who send me a PN telling me why exactly YOU need a voucher. (please include your email, I don't want to send 20 PN's back) get a free AdWords...
  15. C

    10 New adwords vouchers for free

    Hello Everyone.. Here is 10 adwords vouchers with $75 balance.. use then in a week.. HM9N-HEFT-QDDD-R3H5-T9Q 6ZS8-KSQT-KHQ4-HMDN-C8 3KXL-3KXY-2HKZ-GSHK-BQQ 3KXL-3LB5-TERM-M6D7-ES8 6ZS8-KURQ-ATQS-QDUK-2G HM9N-HUEV-ZCRR-2MUD-LE8 HM9N-HX9U-UEY6-3NBZ-YFY HM9N-HZFM-W9Y9-UQJX-UUG...
  16. gunur

    Help me and I will give you one Adwords Voucher

    I will give one Adwords Voucher to a person who tell me a good plan to make money with CPA offers (I have adscendmedia account). I have read many methods here and right now I am a bit confused. So help me a little and I will give one Adwords Voucher. The first person who will send me a PM with a...
  17. J

    five 30Pounds (48 USD) Adwords coupons for Free !!!

    Here are the new 48USD coupon codes for free in past i have been asking to PM to get coupons but thats lot of hardwork for me :D So giving it away here. First come first get :P I would be posting more when i have to give them away for free, but i ll keep an eye on response in the...
  18. S

    Giving away 10 adwords vouchers for free

    I have some 75 euros adwords vouchers taking up much valuable .txt space so I am giving them away for free to my fellow bhw-members. One voucher per member, pm me your email and I will email the voucher. The vouchers expire 2011-05-24 so they need to be entered into your adwords account...
  19. W

    We Need Activated Facebook accounts with $50-$100 Balance (Ads credit)

    Hi we need Need Activated Facebook accounts with $50-$100 Balance (Ads credit). What's your offer?
  20. S

    Three $100 Adwords Vouchers For Free

    $100 USD, $50 after 2/28 1) 35AJ-47NN-CCZT-YENA-VVR6 2) 35AJ-46Z4-CN9Z-H3TA-6FP6 3) 3JD9-8ZWU-7P4A-FKSV-C5N Good luck!
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